Transfer Credit Forms

The Registrar's office maintains the forms which must be signed by your academic advisor and submitted to the Registrar's office with the appropriate documentation.

Transfer Credits

A. By departmental rule a maximum of four semester course credits for courses taken at other universities may be accepted toward the departmental major requirements. Each course transferred from another university must have the approval of the department in order to be acceptable for credit toward the major requirements. This rule applies to courses completed at any other institution, whether in the United States or abroad.

B. No more than two courses taken at special programs for overseas students may be applied. Students are encouraged to seek prior approval from the department's undergraduate advising head for all courses intended for transfer credit.  If approved, these courses will normally count toward degree electives and not core, distribution, or language requirements for the degree.

C. Nonresident credit for purpose (not numeric course credit) may be granted for summer Ulpan programs at qualifying Israeli university programs, based on the approval of the Director of Hebrew and Arabic Languages in conjunction with the Study Abroad Office.

D. Students may be offered advanced standing on the basis of studies completed elsewhere. Students with the appropriate background and ability, for example, may place out of Hebrew language requirement. However, those who wish to move into the advanced text courses still need to take the Hebrew placement exam. In addition, students entering Brandeis for the first time, who are non-native speakers of Hebrew, who have studied at yeshivot or comparable institutions, or in other non-college-level programs, and who have demonstrated advanced knowledge in the regular Brandeis Hebrew placement exam, will be granted the opportunity to take an additional advanced placement exam for credit. Upon successful completion of that exam, a student will receive one course credit. This opportunity is available to students only at the time they first enter Brandeis. In addition, students who pass the Jerusalem Exam with a total of 91 or greater and who pass the Brandeis Hebrew placement exam, thereby gaining exemption from the Hebrew language program, will receive one course credit.