Learning Goals in French and Francophone Studies


In this era of increasing globalization, students must have strong skills in the analysis and interpretation of language and culture. We teach French language and French and Francophone culture at all levels, which provides students with a strong foundation as they pursue literary and cultural studies of French-speaking countries throughout the world.

Core Skills

  1. An advanced proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and knowledge of French and Francophone cultures;

  2. The ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret works in verbal sources (such as literature, newspapers, critical articles, essays, etc.) and in other media (film, painting, photographs, music, etc.);

  3. The ability to explain how cultural differences help determine political, economic, and social institutions.


  1. An understanding of the principal historical events and foundational cultural tenets (including notions drawn from politics, literature, sociology, philosophy, etc.) that shape France and the Francophone world;

  2. An understanding of how creative works in French reflect the past and present, announce future developments, and influence world culture;

  3. An understanding of the instrumental role that language (written and oral production of all types) plays in the formation of cultures, histories, and identities of the French and Francophone world;

  4. An appreciation of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the French-speaking world.

Social Justice

Students who are literate in more than one language gain intercultural experience and knowledge that enable them to explore and evaluate ideas of social justice.