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Spring 2024 Course Listings

All schedule information is tentative. Please see the Registrar's site for the latest information.

For a full list of courses offered next semester, download the PDF brochure: Italian Studies Course Offerings Spring 2024

For a video introduction to the Italian Studies program, visit our ROMS Course Videos page.

Italian Studies Courses

For more information about ITAL 10-106 placement/enrollment, please see our Language Programs Placement page. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Harder.

ITAL 20B Continuing Italian

(1) M,W 2:30–3:50 PM; Th 5:30–6:20 PM, Monteleone
(2) M,W,Th 1:20–2:10 PM; T 12:45–1:35 PM, Servino

Prerequisite: For students with some previous study of Italian (please see instructions on our Language Programs Placement page).

Are you interested in experiencing a taste of Italy right here on campus? If reading an Italian menu with the right accent, understanding Bocelli and Botticelli, speaking the language, and learning about love and passion beyond the stereotypes are not enough to get you involved, we will find many more ways to make your Italian experience worthwhile. Just as in Italy, if you have no specific reasons to study Italian, we will make one up just for you!

poster for ITAL 105
ITAL 105A Italian Conversation and Composition

(1) T,Th  2:20–3:40 PM, Monteleone

Prerequisite: ITAL 30a or the equivalent (please see instructions on our Language Programs Placement page). [OC]

LA SOCIETÀ ITALIANA CONTEMPORANEA ATTRAVERSO GLI OBIETTIVI DI SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE. Bring your Italian language skills to the next level. You will practice and improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Italian, while learning how Italian society is changing.  In this course we'll address issues related to globalization, the environment, and social justice in contemporary Italy and see how music, art, and social activism represent and create change.

poster for ITAL 134
ITAL 134B Voci e storie della cultura ebraica italiana

(1) M,W 4:05–5:25 PM, Servino

Prerequisite: ITAL 105a or 106a or permission of the instructor. Conducted in Italian. [WI, Cross-listed with ECS, MERS, and NEJS]

Analyzes Italian Jewish representations in Italian culture from medieval times to the founding of the ghetto in Venice in 1516 and leading Jewish figures of the Renaissance. Works of modern Italian Jewish writers and historians are examined as well as Italian movies that address Jewish themes within the mainstream of Italian culture. This course has an interdisciplinary approach while focusing on advanced Italian language skills.

Italian Studies Electives

CLAS 140A Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Greek and Roman Art and Text

(1) M,W 2:30–3:50 PM, Caitlin Gillespie

[DJW, WI; Cross-listed with ECS, ITAL, WGSS]

An exploration of women, gender, and sexuality in ancient Greece and Rome as the ideological bases of Western attitudes toward sex and gender. Includes, in some fashion, Greek and Roman myth, literature, art, architecture, and archaeological artifacts.

HIST 123A The Renaissance

(1) M,W,Th 11:15 AM–12:05 PM, William Kapelle

[Cross-listed with ECS, ITAL, MERS]

Culture, society, and economy in the Italian city-state (with particular attention to Florence) from feudalism to the rise of the modern state.

HIST 142A Crime, Deviance, and Confinement in Modern Europe

(1) T,F 11:10 AM–12:30 PM, Alice Kelikian

[Cross-listed with ECS, ITAL, LGLS]

Examines the crisis of law and order in old regime states and explores the prison and asylum systems that emerged in modern Europe. Surveys psychiatry and forensic science from the Napoleonic period until World War II.