Department of Romance Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies

At Brandeis, Hispanic Studies is not only about becoming a highly proficient Spanish speaker, reader and writer. It is about examining and appreciating the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world across continents and through time. You will learn through language lessons as well as through the study of film, art, politics and place.

Within the major are several areas of emphasis: 19th- to 21st-century Spanish and Latin American cultural studies, Cervantes, colonialism and post-colonialism in Latin America, early modern Spanish theater, Latin@s in the United States, media and film.

Why Brandeis?

Our department is truly interdisciplinary in its perspective and its approach. You will learn from faculty with affiliations all across campus, including in film studies, theatre arts, comparative literature, Latin American and Latino studies and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Our faculty are nationally recognized scholars who also love to teach. Our curriculum is flexible enough to enable you to pursue your individual interests—including by writing a senior essay or thesis. 

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Victor Carreras