French and Francophone Studies
Italian Studies
Hispanic Studies

French and Francophone Studies

Designed to teach students to express themselves clearly and effectively in French, the program in French and Francophone Studies also acquaints them with the depth and breadth of literary and cultural expression in French. > more


Italian Studies

An interdisciplinary minor, Italian Studies enables those who wish to extend their study beyond language to areas of Italian literature, history, film, art history and music. Students may also petition for an Independent Major to further expand their Italian studies.  > more


Hispanic Studies

Promoting not only communication skills, Hispanic studies encourages exploration of cultural contexts and texts to lead to a broad understanding of issues facing Hispanic communities. > more


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Check out the small seminar-style courses that will be offered in the Division of the Humanities for the Fall 2018 semester here:  Fall 2018 Small Seminar Guide

Small seminars in the humanities provide opportunities to:

  • engage in deep, interactive inquiry through focused discussion;
  • explore other cultures and others’ lives;
  • get to know faculty members on an individual level;
  • meet students from a wide range of backgrounds.

New student enrollment begins July 10, and general registration reopens on July 18.

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