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Students entering Brandeis in the fall of 2010 or after must take nine semester courses. Take a look at our learning goals.

Introductory Course

SOC 1a or SOC 3b should be taken early in the curriculum.

Sub-Area Courses

At least one course in three of the following five sub-areas:

Theory and Methods
SOC 118a, 125b, 136b, 141a, 145bj, 146a, 164a, 181a, 182a, 182aj, 183a; ANTH 181aj; HIST 181b, 183b.

Health, Illness, and Life Course
SOC 117b, 165a, 169b, 176a, 177b, 189a, 191a, 193a, 194a, 196a; ANTH 111a; HSSP 114b, 120bj, 192b.

Political and Social Change
SOC 111a, 112b, 113b, 119a, 123b, 143a, 148b, 153a, 155b, 157a, 162a, 175b; AMST 55a; HIST 115a, 172a; HS 110a; IGS 110a; POL 159a.

Gender and Family
SOC 115a, 117a, 124a, 125a, 126b, 130a, 131b, 132b, 133a, 137a, 138a; AMST/SOC 125a; AMST 118a; POL 125a.

Institutions, Communities, and Culture
SOC 102b, 104a, 104aj, 106a, 108bj, 120b, 121a, 122a, 126a, 127a, 129a, 147a, 149b, 150b, 152a, 152b, 154a, 156aj; AMST 123b, 143b; IGS 130a; NEJS 163b, 164b; FYS 61a; NEJS/SOC 171b.


Five additional sociology electives are required. SOC 1a and SOC 3b may not be used as electives.

Other Requirements

At least seven of nine semester courses must be taken in the sociology department. (No more than two courses from study abroad may count toward the major requirements).

No more than two courses cross-listed in sociology may count toward the major requirements.

No grade below a C- will be given credit toward the major.

No course taken pass/fail may count toward the major requirements.

Students may apply an internship course (either SOC 89a, SOC 92a, SJSP 89a, or WMGS 89a) only once toward the requirements for the major.

Honors candidates are required to take SOC 99d (Senior Research) in addition to the nine sociology courses. Enrollment in SOC 99d requires a minimum overall GPA of 3.20, or a 3.50 in sociology.