Time Out and Upcoming Events

Stop by the Graduate Student Center and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Pick up discount tickets to local cinemas. Send or receive a fax. Watch TV, check your e-mail, use the kitchen to store and heat your lunch, visit and make new friends or find some quiet study space.

Meditation/Mindfulness Opportunities at Brandeis

Sangha Club- weekly student-led meditations Mondays 8-9pm, Peace Room (various types of meditation).  Contact Karrah Beck for more info, indigo18@brandeis.edu

SIT- weekly mindful sitting, Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am, Peace Room, led by Brandeis staff David Wedaman.  Contact David for more info, wedaman@brandeis.edu

Weekly Silence- Wednesdays 12-1pm in the Peace Room, led by Brandeis staff Jennifer Brown from the PCC.  Contact Jennifer for more info, jdbrown@brandeis.edu

Weekly Mindfulness Support Group- Thursdays 3pm in the PCC, led by Jennifer Brown and Noel Coakley from the PCC.  Contact Jennifer for more info, jdbrown@brandeis.edu

Weekly vigil for peace- Fridays 12:20-12:40pm at the Peace circle near Usdan- led by Matt Carriker from Multifaith Chaplaincy.  Contact Matt for more info, carriker@brandeis.edu

Soul Feast services- biweekly Protestant chapel service, open and welcome to all.  Sundays biweekly at 5pm in Harlan Chapel. Includes silent centering prayer, as well as singing and other spiritual practices.  Contact Protestant Chaplain Matt  Carriker for more info, carriker@brandeis.edu

Grief Support Group, 8-week series, Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm in Peace Room.  Begins January 28th.  Led by Amy Engel from PCC and Matt Carriker from Multifaith Chaplaincy.  Contact Amy at aengel1@brandeis.edu for more info.

Mindfulness Day Retreat- tentatively planned for Saturday, April 18th, 2015.  Please contact Matt at carriker@brandeis.edu if interested in organizing or participating.



The Office of Graduate Student Affairs works with all of the Brandeis graduate programs to provide a strong and supportive graduate student environment. Programs to enhance students’ social and academic lives are planned throughout the year and include topics such as writing for publication, designing a research paper or topic, navigating the healthcare system, career planning after your degree and more.  

The Office of Graduate Student Affairs advises graduate student government at Brandeis, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and cosponsors many of their activities. Join the GSA listserv — a great way to stay informed about what’s going on and get involved in graduate student life.

One of the goals of graduate student affairs is to provide you with information about graduate student life on the Brandeis campus, as well as to give general information about some other resources. Check this site regularly for updated information and check your e-mail for news from us.

For information about academic-related resources, please refer to the student handbooks provided by your own graduate school. For a guide to academic integrity, please visit the Academic Integrity website. Here you will find helpful hints for maintaining academic integrity, an overview of Brandeis' expectations for students, as well as support that Library and Technology Services offers to students.

Welcome to Brandeis. We hope you will enjoy your time here.