Eugene B. Kogan


Candidate for Representative to the Board of Trustees

My name is Eugene Kogan. I’m a 4th year Politics Ph.D. student, and I would be an experienced and confident voice for graduate students on the Board of Trustees.


  • 3 years as Young Alumni Trustee - Connecticut College Board of Trustees.
  • 2 years as Grad Student Representative – Brandeis Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  • 1 year as Grad Student Association Senator – Brandeis Graduate Student Association.


On the Brandeis Alumni Board, I have worked to make the alumni network more effective in helping grad students find jobs. As a Board of Trustees Rep, I would like to create opportunities for grad students to network with members of the Board. Consider this: the Brandeis Board of Trustees includes CEOs and senior directors in retail, advertising, hedge funds, financial services and real estate industries, as well as members of the boards of educational and philanthropic organizations, journalists, attorneys and scholars with decades of extremely successful professional experience. My goal would be to create channels of communication to allow grad students to benefit from Board Members’ expertise and professional connections.


I have the experience and the confidence to get RESULTS for grad students. I will not sit on the Board of Trustees: I will serve grad students.