GSA Senators

The Mission of the Senate

The very nature of graduate student life means your attention remains focused on your immediate department. Graduate students often feel isolated from the rest of the university or even within their very own department; we must therefore strive to create a vibrant and active sense of community in which all graduate students are welcome to participate—we are all in this noble but unrelenting voyage we call graduate school together.

The current structure of graduate student community does not make it an easy task for the GSA to do our duties and stay in touch with the graduate student community at large. The senate exists to ensure that the GSA is receiving enough information and feedback from those whom they represent; the senate is also responsible for getting the word out about graduate student programs to people who are spread apart between 3 different schools and different sides of campus. The senate is also a forum for entertaining initiatives from the graduate community at large on how to spend the discretionary funds available from the activities fee and receiving feedback from the student body.

The 2013–2014 GSA Senators

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Stephen Alkins

Stephen Alkins

Brian Beckett

Brian Beckett 2013-14 Senator

Cassandra Berman

Cassandra Berman 2013-14 Senate

Erin Bishop

Erin Bishop

April French

April French 2013-14 Senator

David Harris

Jeffrey Karam

Siddhi Krishna

Siddhi Krishna 2013-14 Senate

Timothy Lauer

Timothy Lauer Senate 2014-14

Adriane Otopalik
Carrie Robertson

The Heller School of Public Policy and Management

Marta Baran

Marta Baran 2014 Senator
Arina Chithavong

Princess Osita-Oleribe

Elizabeth Pierce

Brian Ramsey

Brian Ramsey 2013-14
The International Business School

Mohammed Almulaihi

Mohammed Almulaihi

Hazem Alrafaihi

Hazim ALrafaihi 2013-14
Zarea Qranbaish

Kaushal Vaddiraj

Kaushal Vaddiraj