GSA Senators

The Mission of the Senate

The very nature of graduate student life means your attention remains focused on your immediate department. Graduate students often feel isolated from the rest of the university or even within their very own department; we must therefore strive to create a vibrant and active sense of community in which all graduate students are welcome to participate—we are all in this noble but unrelenting voyage we call graduate school together.

The senate exists to ensure that the GSA is receiving enough information and feedback from those whom they represent; the senate is also responsible for getting the word out about graduate student programs to people who are spread apart between 3 different schools and throughout campus. The senate is also a forum for entertaining initiatives from the graduate community at large on how to spend the discretionary funds available from the activities fee and receiving feedback from the student body.

GSA Senator Position Description

Student Senators are elected in proportion to the numbers their schools represent in the graduate student population. They serve for a year and meet once a month to review issues concerning graduate students and make recommendations for action.

Senators are the folks who review our social and educational programming, suggest other activities we should be involved in, serve on University committees to assure that graduate student concerns are being brought to the table when University decisions are made. The senators review and approve the budget for the Graduate Student Association each semester.

Senators need to make a time commitment of 2 hours per month (meeting times and committee service) and perform outreach to their communities to identify needs, issues and concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the administration.

The 2016–2017 GSA Senators

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Stephen Alkins


Marinella Taoushiani 


Shen Wang


Matthew Chernick

Matthew Chernick 

Donald Warren

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Vivekanand(Vivek) Pandey Vimal

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson 

Ana Camille Chuaquico


Oudou Sanogo 

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Ngozi Nwankwo


Alexandra(Alexa) Turner

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Millicent(Milli) Knopp


Ly Nguyen


Megan "Ni" Casey


The International Business School

Yihan Fu