GSA Poster Symposium FAQ

  1. Am I eligible to participate?
    Both Master and Doctoral degree students from all disciplines are eligible (and encouraged) to participate.
  2. Who makes the decision on whether my poster is selected for the Symposium?
    The Educational Programming Committee from the Graduate Student Association as well as Graduate Student Services staff will be making the decision about whether or not your poster is accepted.
  3. What should be included in the abstract? What are the guidelines for writing an abstract?
    Abstracts should be 250 – 400 words, in 12pt Times New Roman font, and should include the title of your poster, your name, program, year of study and contact information. You may do some light editing of your abstract before preparing your poster. However, substantive editing is not allowed. Please contact us if you have any questions in this regard.
  4. How can a published abstract be of use to me – academically and/or professionally?
    It becomes part of your academic portfolio. You can include it on your CV or resume when looking for future jobs or fellowships. Also, the more practice you can get at writing abstracts, the better you will become at writing them.
  5. Can I see examples of a poster?
    Several links are provided in the attached recommendations. An example poster will also be on display at the Graduate Student Center.
  6. Where can I buy cardboard or bulletin board?
    Staples, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid should carry the supplies you need, as should the Brandeis Bookstore. If you are having trouble finding the supplies, please contact us – we can help. Besides, if you attend the February 10th workshop on Presentations and Presentation Skills and the February 25th workshop on Developing Effective Poster Sessions to be held at the Graduate Student Center, you will receive financial assistance with having a poster professionally printed. RSVP required to
  7. Who can come view the posters? May I invite my professor(s), family, friends?
    Yes! Anyone can come. You are particularly encouraged to invite faculty members from your department. Each Poster Symposium participant will receive three faculty invitation tickets to encourage professors to attend.
 Other questions? Please contact the GSA Educational Programming Coordinator.