Buy & Sell

Face it - being a graduate student is not the most lucrative occupation. Fortunately, the GSA can help you find the things you need to outfit your living, studying, or travel space. One of the services the GSA provides is a virtual marketplace to buy and sell items of interest specifically to grad students. Until now, this marketplace has been through the listserv (the online email system). This is not without peril - many have complained about the volume of messages they receive through the list. This is why the GSA has decided to take the marketplace to the next step - the web.

We've partnered with the myBrandeis community system to use the Classifieds as the new forum for graduate students purchases. This system is easy to use, and perhaps even more beneficial to sellers, opens the marketplace up to even more Brandeis buyers.

Using the new system

It is easy to use the myBrandeis Classifieds - simply point your browser to: and click on the second tab over marked Classifieds

My Brandeis 

You can navigate the ads without being logged in - simply surf around and follow your desires. Items are classified according to the main categories of: For Sale, Help Wanted, Off Campus Housing, Ride Board, and Books. Click a category and then click to view an item. That's it!

Selling an item

If you want to sell an item, you have to login to the system. Anyone with a Brandeis UNET account can login, and anyone without an account can request a new username and password. To get in, simply do the same thing as above - navigate to the category of the item you want to sell.

At the bottom of the category is the link "add an item"

The system will ask you to login. It will ask your to enter your UNET ID and password (this is your email username password). If you don't have a UNET id (and why not? You should!), you can create a user account (username@email address) and ask that the password be send to you.