General Career Advice

Identifying a career area is not intuitive, nor do you have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life right now. The process of identifying potential fields for a future career is based on:
  • Becoming aware of and assessing your strengths and interests,
  • Exploring and evaluating a range of professional options and
  • Connecting with real opportunities that you feel will capitalize on your expertise and expand your professional growth.

Be patient yet purposeful with this process. It takes time and some deliberate reflection to gain experience and insight. At the same time, allow room for and be open to possibilities as they unfold. Flexibility sometimes is a gateway to experiences that you might not have been able to imagine.

At Hiatt, take advantage of all of these career resources:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • TypeFocus, a strengths and interests self-assessment tool
  • A full calendar of panels, workshops and events
  • Job and internship listings and an on-campus recruiting schedule through 
  • Assistance with interviewing, including individual mock interview sessions
  • Alumni mentor network

Also remember that all of the opportunities that you build into your time at Brandeis are valuable in identifying your passions and securing a job after graduation. Did you know that are many ways to "get experience?" Here are just a few examples:

  • In-depth reading and research on professions using targeted resources.
  • On-campus and work-study jobs.
  • Joining a professional association in your field and attending meetings or conferences.
  • Conducting research work for a professor or class assignment.
  • Informational interviewing of individuals working in areas of interest.
  • Internships during the school year or summer vacation—as an international student, you may consider taking the INT92G course in order to intern in the United States.
  • Summer job.