Preparing for Your Career

During your studies at Brandeis you will be gaining academic and professional experience that will prepare you for your next career move after graduation. You may decide during or after your studies that you would like to:
  • Return to your home country to pursue the next part of your career.
  • Find employment in a third country that is of interest to you.
  • Work in the United States.
As an international student, this means that you will be conducting job searches that have special considerations. If you decide to work at home you may have to conduct a long-distance job search, creating and/or maintaining networks from the United States. If you want to secure a position in another country of interest, you may need particular skills, connections or legal documents. Or, if you seek employment in the United States, there will be certain regulations that have to be met in order for you to obtain the necessary work visas.

Identifying your interests, complementing your academic studies in the workplace, developing a helpful professional network and locating opportunities requires:
  • A strategic plan.
  • Focused academic and experiential preparation.
  • General and specialized resources.
Hiatt can help. The process can take extra time as an international student. We strongly encourage and welcome you to visit Hiatt early and often and engage us as a career development partner.