Working in Your Home Country or Other Country of Interest

The International Experience section of this Web site provides advice and resources about volunteering, interning and working abroad. Whether you are planning to work in your home country or in another part of the world, these resources can be helpful in your search.

Locating and negotiating a job at home or in another country outside of the United States can be challenging. Consult International Experience, use the Going Global resource, attend events listed in Hiatt NACELink about international work or with companies with international interests and make an appointment with a Hiatt counselor for advice about your individual search.

While networking is a key element of any job search, it is particularly important in an international search.

  • Seek out companies in your home country or other locations that have hired Brandeis students in the past.
  • Maintain, refresh and create relationships with friends, former teachers and past supervisors at home to let them know what you have accomplished at Brandeis, as well as the kind of work you would like to be involved in when you graduate.
  • Network with fellow students at Brandeis and friends at other U.S. schools to find out the companies for which they have worked abroad.
  • Contact faculty members at Brandeis, at other schools and at home to connect with professionals engaged in your field.
  • Use the Brandeis alumni network to find out about your field in other parts of the world.
  • Join a professional association in your field that has international interests and a global reach.

Remember to craft a country-specific resume by consulting templates for resumes outside of the United States on the Hiatt website and on Going Global.