Student Testimonial

Name of bank/firm where you interned this summer:

  • Credit Suisse: Real Estate Finance and Securitization Group

Your title:

  • Summer Analyst

How did you get the interview that landed you the internship?

  • High School (The Dalton School) Alumni Internship/Career network

Exactly what did you do to obtain you summer internship interview and prepare for your interview?

  • I emailed the contact he told me to come in, interviewed me with a group of analysts, and then recommended me to the program. I was given another round of interviews, followed by one more round. I prepared by researching the real estate markets in the WSJ and NY Times, also I looked for news on Credit Suisse and learned about how the CMBS (commercial mortgage backed securities) market worked. I also read the Vault guide to finance interviews, top 50 investment banks, and the Vault Credit Suisse Guide. All my questions were fit based, nothing technical, though I did get a couple real estate related brain teasers.

Process Outline

Where do I start?

  • Make sure this is the right field for you. Complete self-assessment with Hiatt.
Start Researching:
  • The Vault (log in through NACELink): download PDF guides or read up on industries, occupations, companies
  • Identify your interests with faculty
  • Read trade journals and publications
  • Apply to Shadowing Experience to network with alumni
  • Network over breaks

Next steps:

  • Keep an eye on the programming calendar
  • Continue on-going research
  • Attend info sessions
  • Read trade journals
  • Talk to UDRs and other students with experience

Resume and Interview Preparation:       

Where do I look?



  • Investment banking positions: Submit resume in resume books by August 1
  • Other full time positions: Utilize Hiatt's Library resources
  • Your network

Thinking outside the box:

  • Companies may code their job posting in a way you wouldn’t expect
  • Make sure your job search criteria are wide
  • For example: doing marketing for a large bank, or an analyst position for a hospitality chain

Connecting back to Brandeis:

  • Join clubs to beef up your resume and learn more about the industry
  • Utilize on-campus info sessions, interviews, fairs
  • Attend finance alumni panels
  • Connect internship with transcript: BUS 89: Work in the Global Business Environment or Transcript Notation