Finance Resume

An informed and flawless resume is critical if you with to enter the field of finance.  To create one, the Hiatt Career Center recommends the following steps:

  • Understand the field of finance.
  • Download the Finance Resume Workshop for explicit directions for finance resume writing, review the Vault guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews (accessible through Hiatt NACElink) and also review Hiatt's general resume resources.
  • Create your resume using OptimalResume and follow the finance template inside OptimalResume.

If you have not worked with a Hiatt counselor before, please know that an appointment is required to be included in the finance resume book. Plan accordingly so you do not miss important deadlines. As you will see below, finance resume needs to follow specific guidelines in order to be considered for applications.

What your resume needs to show:

  • Perfect presentation - every aspect of your resume must be flawless. Work with Hiatt counselors to create the best presentation possible.
  • High GPA, particularly for prestigious organizations.
  • Relevant coursework in economics and business (upper-level classes).
  • Relevant experience - build this section by joining campus clubs and by working for smaller firms before moving on to bigger companies.