Brandeis Alumni in Government

Alumni: Zachary Klein, '07

Government Agency: United States Social Security Administration

1. What is your academic background (e.g., undergraduate major/minor, other education)?

I was an Economics major with a Business minor.  I spent my junior year studying management at the London School of Economics.

2. Please describe your career and how it aligns with your interests.

I am a budget analyst with the Social Security Administration’s headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

3. What is unique about your job?

Probably having two Fridays off a month is the most unique.  Working for the government in the capacity I am in allows me to understand government policies and how new laws affect the work I do.  Social Security is in a perilous position and rumors and legislation directly affects the work I do on a daily basis which leads to an exciting job environment.

4. Have you used Hiatt’s resources as a student or as an alum? If so, which services did you use and how have they helped you?    

I met with the Hiatt counselors during my senior year and have been in contact with Hiatt since graduation.  I was able to get the job I have now through the CIC Career Fair that took place during my senior year.

5. What steps should students take during college to prepare for opportunities at organizations such as yours?

Making contacts is extremely important.  Applying to jobs early in the process and speaking with parents, family friends, professors, and anyone else to get ideas for what types of companies you might want to apply.  Try to cast a broad net.

6. How can a Brandeis student distinguish himself/herself from other students applying for a job with your organization?

Ensuring all materials are neat and organized when coming for an interview.  Following up with everybody you meet is important and sticks out in the minds of interviewers and employees.

7. Do you have any other advice for Brandeis students?

Working an internship during the summer or during school can prove to be invaluable in terms of the experience and skills you will gain, the ability to improve your resume, and the contacts you will make.