Essential Application Information:

Certain federal agencies may require more information on your resume than traditional resumes used in other sectors.  Learn more about federal resumes and their format and content:

Writing a Federal Resume

Almost every federal government position description lists specific knowledge, skills and abilities  required of applicants.  Gain insights into KSAs and how to write about them in your application cover letter, or essays:

Defining KSAs and Writing KSAs

Politics, Government, and Public Policy

What's on Your Career Wish List? 

Federal Jobs and Internships Available NOW!

Meeting Government Agency Representatives at Brandeis

Your Academic Field and Government Opportunities

Getting Started with the Federal Job Search and Application Process

Best Federal Resources

State & Municipal Governments: Opportunities and Resources

Brandeis Alumni in Government: Alumni Profiles 


  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Do you want variety and responsibility in your work?
  • Do you want rapid advancement and recognition?
  • Do you want great benefits?
  • Do you want a satisfying work life balance?

The U.S. Federal Government is the nation's largest employer, offering thousands of positions to U.S. citizens around the globe in every field.  Your Brandeis education is the perfect preparation.  Don't believe the myth that federal agencies only hire politics majors.  Hundreds of federal agencies need talented staff in every field - arts, ecology, economics, IT, history, languages, literature, math, neuroscience, sociology, women's studies, and more - for jobs that truly change the world.


Pathways Program for New Graduates and Interns


Real jobs and internships - available now - are listed on USAJobs, the federal government's opportunities portal.  The information below will help you find and apply to positions - read on!


Throughout the year, Hiatt hosts a wide range of government agency representatives on campus in an array of activities including panels, presentations, networking events and one-on-one meetings with students.  Be sure to check the Hiatt calendar in B.hired.

Bring your resume with you to these events - you never know when you can share it with an individual who can help you move toward your dream government job or internship.  Need help?  Use Hiatt resume resources, make an appointment with a Hiatt counselor, and use Hiatt drop-in hours.


What is your field of interest?


Featured Federal Agencies that Match Brandeis Students' Interests - If you are wondering where to start, check out this selection of top agencies.  Go directly to the agency's website and either look for the "Careers" section or search the site using "jobs" and "internships" as key words to find amazing opportunities.

The on-line workshop, GOVERNMENT CAREERS: TIPS FOR FINDING INTERNSHIPS AND JOBS (upper right sidebar of this page), is essential reading, offering valuable tips to guide you through the search and application process. 


 Federal Websites:

  • is the portal to the U.S. federal government.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the nation's operations, departments, and resources.
  • Federal Agencies A to Z is invaluable in locating federal agencies' individual websites. Most internships are listed and described exclusively on agencies' own web sites.
  • is the on-line data base for all current open job opportunities and many internships with the federal government.  PLEASE NOTE that not all internships are listed on this website - check individual agency websites (see the link above to Federal Agencies A to Z) for a complete list of their agency internships.
  • Federal Jobs by College Major lists federal government job titles by major field.  Use these titles as key words to search through and to get ideas about potential careers that match your interests.  Be creative - check out majors that are related to your interests to get titles that will expand your search.
  • United States Senate Employment Bulletin lists job and internship openings with these elected officials and related committees.
  • United States House of Representatives Employment page lists job and internship openings with these elected officials and related committees.
  • Best Places to Work is a comprehensive and authoritative ranking of federal agencies based on employee satisfaction and commitment.
  • Peace Corps is the gateway to the organization's comprehensive site about two-year volunteer opportunities around the globe.
  • U.S. State Department is of particular interest to students because of the range of domestic and overseas opportunities related to diplomacy.  Internship programs enable students to get first-hand experience in foreign affairs environments; full time positions in Washington, D.C., and at embassy posts around the world are available for graduates from all academic and professional fields.  A representative from the State Department visits Brandeis several times a year for info-sessions - check the Hiatt calendar in B.hired.


State, city and town governments also offer excellent job and internship opportunities in public service in every field.  You can make an immediate and lasting difference at the regional, city or community level.  Every government entity has an official website which includes information about political officials, governing committees, and operational departments as well as sections for individuals seeking government jobs.

Below are examples of two state sites and a link to the corresponding job search pages within the site.  RESEARCH TIP: Research other states by putting the state's name followed by .gov (,, etc.) or the state's two-letter abbreviation followed by .gov (,, etc.) in your internet browser.

There is almost always a link to the Employment pages on the home page.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE regarding INTERNSHIPS: Some government websites may list jobs but not internships on their Employment pages, yet internships may be available.  Use the website's "Search" function with the keyword "Internship" to find them.  You can also contact the department in which you'd like to work (Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, Recreation, etc.) directly to inquire about opportunities.


Official Massachusetts Government Website

Find a Job in MA State Government

Commonwealth Corps

Governor's Internship Program

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (internships)

City of Boston

Boston Urban Mechanics Program (internships)

New York

Official New York State Government Website

Find a Job in NY State Government

New York City

Additional Resources:

City Hall Fellows Program 



Miriam L. Gerver, '99 (Psychology) - Survey Methodologist, United States Census Bureau

Alexander Goldstein, '06 (Politics) - Press Secretary, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Zachary Klein, '07 (Economics) - Budget Analyst, United States Social Security Administration