Language-Based Studies

Language instruction is central to Israel Studies scholarship, with advanced Hebrew language courses including an active Israel Studies component, and Arabic and Yiddish language instruction reflecting important research languages.

Intermediate Hebrew II: Aspects of Israeli Culture

Guy Antebi – Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

An intermediate- to mid-level course that helps students strengthen their skills at this level. Contemporary cultural aspects will be stressed and a variety of materials will be used.

Advanced Intermediate Hebrew: Israeli Culture and Media

Esther Shorr - Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Reinforces the acquired skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing at the intermediate to mid/high level. Contemporary cultural aspects are stressed; conversational Hebrew and reading of selections from modern literature, political essays, and newspaper articles. Required for NEJS majors and Hebrew majors and recommended for others who would like to continue studying Hebrew beyond the foreign language requirement.

What's Up? Hebrew through Israeli News Media

Bonit Porath - Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

For advanced students who wish to enhance proficiency and accuracy in writing and speaking. Israeli newspapers, films, clips from Israeli TV series and shows, and on-line resources will be used to promote language and cultural competency.

Israeli Theater

Sara Hascal - NEJS

An advanced course that enhances advanced language skills through reading and analysis of plays. The student's creativity is developed through participation in acting and creative writing lab.

Take 1: Hebrew through Israeli Cinema

Ari Ofengenden - NEJS

An advanced culture course that focuses on the various aspects of Israeli society as they are portrayed inIsraeli films and television. In addition to viewing films, the students will be asked to read Hebrew background materials, to participate in class discussions, and to write in Hebrew about the films.


Lower Advanced Arabic

Carl Sharif el-Tobgui - NEJS

Designed to help the student attain advanced proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. The syllabus includes selections from modern texts representing a variety of styles and genres, advanced composition, and sustained development of oral-aural proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic.

Advanced Arabic / Contemporary Arabic Literature

Carl Sharif el-Tobgui - NJES

Develops advanced reading competence through a variety of modern literary texts focusing on contemporary Arab society, culture, and intellectual life. Continued solidification of advanced grammar and style with application through frequent writing assignments, both analytical and creative. Class conducted entirely in Arabic.


Beginning and Intermediate Yiddish

Ellen Kellman - NEJS

The course introduces basic Yiddish grammar. Students also develop reading, writing, and conversational skills. Yiddish songs, poetry, and folklore are incorporated throughout. Students continue to develop reading skills as they sample texts from Yiddish prose fiction, folklore, and memoir literature. Grammatical instruction becomes more contextualized. Speaking and writing skills are strongly emphasized.