GSAS Students at the Center

The Schusterman Center support GSAS students whose dissertation research focuses on Israel. With desk space in the middle of the center space, they form an integral part of the community of the Schusterman Center that includes faculty, visiting scholars and staff. Find out what makes this program special to them:

"One of my favorite things about the Schusterman Center is its sponsoring of visiting faculty from Israel.  This provides Brandeis students with an invaluable opportunity to work with an assortment of Israeli scholars whose works have enriched the field of Israel Studies." [Susanna Klosko, received doctorate in 2017]

"The Schusterman Center provides a place for grad students and post-docs from different fields (Jewish studies, sociology, political science) to interact. Having a sense of community is extremely important. When grad students and post-docs become familiar with each other's research and skills, they continue to collaborate on projects as they move further into the work world." [Joseph Ringel, received doctorate in 2011]