Schusterman Scholars Seminars

Schusterman scholars and visiting academics deepen their academic study of Israel in bi-monthly seminars. Below listed are seminars from previous years:

Fall 2017

  • Tamara Wittes, Brookings Institution: Lessons from the Trenches – Bridging the Academic-Policy Divide in US Mideast Policy
  • Gil Rubin, Harvard University: Vladimir Ze'ev Jabotinsky between Eastern Europe and Palestine
  • Mikhael Manekin, Israel Tomorrow: The Depoliticization of the Israeli Left – How Money and Institutions Drove the Peace Camp Away from Israeli Political Discourse and Power
  • Yair Ettinger: Haredim in Israel – Ideology or Sociology
  • Dorit Rabinyan: Dorit Rabinyan on her novel "All the Rivers"
  • Itamar Lurie, Israeli Psychoanalytic Society: A De-Stabilizing Encounter – The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in the Therapeutic Context

Spring 2017

  • Sharon Shalom, Bar-Ilan University: Between 'Identification' and 'Identity' – Case Study of the Second Generation of Ethiopian Immigrants to Israel
  • Adam Ferziger, Bar-Ilan University: Yankees in Rabbi Kook's Court – The Role of American Orthodoxy in Israeli Judaism
  • Haim Koren, Israeli Ambassador: Reflections of an Israeli Diplomat in Egypt and South Sudan
  • Safa Aburabia, Ben-Gurion University: The Historical Discourse on the Nakba – Resistance Voices of Bedouin Women from the Naqab
  • Liron Shani, Brandeis University: Between Nationalism, Science and Livelihood – The Role of Agriculture in Contemporary Israeli Society
  • Amber Taylor, Brandeis University: Jerusalem is Not for Sale – Orthodox Opposition to the Creation of the BYU Jerusalem Center on the Mount of Olives

Fall 2016

  • Ronit Irshai, Rivkah Rosenberg, Avishalom Westreich: The Intersection of Religious Law, Family and Gender in Israel Today
  • Derek Penslar, Harvard University: Theodor Herzl – A Biography for the 21st Century
  • Aron Shai, Tel Aviv University: China and Israel – Strange Bedfellows
  • Orit Rozin, Tel Aviv University: From "A Home for All Jews:" The Right to Childhood and the Age of Marriage Law
  • Shlomo Fisher, Hebrew University: Jewish Identity in Israel after the Zionist Revolution: A Reading of the Pew Center Survey of the Religion of Israelis
  • Dan Ben-David, Tel Aviv University: Israel at a Crossroads: The View from 30,000 Feet (A socio-economic review)

Spring 2016

  • Aviad Hacohen, Shaarei Mishpat Academic College: Freedom of Religion in Democratic Israel – Is it a Reality or Was it a Dream?
  • Aviv Ben-or, Brandeis: Abandoning Language – Sami Michael as an Arabic Writer
  • Lital Levy, Princeton University: The Political Uncanny – Reading Palestinian-Israeli Intersubjectivities
  • Mohammed S. Wattad, UC Irvine / Zefat Academic College: Israel, A Jewish and Democratic State – Perspective of an Arab Minority Citizen
  • Shachar Pinsker, University of Michigan: To Write in a Silent Language? Yiddish in Israeli Literature and Culture
  • Mostafa Hussein, Brandeis University: David Yellin's Encounter with Arabo-Islamic Culture and the Study of the Land of Palestine
  • Liora Norwich and Robert DeBoard, Brandeis University: A Framework for Exploring Political Mobilization – An Overview of Israel Case Studies

Fall 2015

  • Rachel Werczberger, Tel Aviv University / UPenn: The Making of Authenticity – New Age Spirituality in Israel and the Resacralization of Jewish Identity
  • André Levy, Ben-Gurion University / Brandeis: Happy Mimouna – The Construction of Ethnic Frivolousness in Israel
  • Motti Inbari, UNC Pembroke: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, A Comparison – Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy and Messianic Religious Zionism
  • Noga Kadman, Tour guide and author: Palestinian Visits to Depopulated Villages in Israel
  • Guy Ziv, American University: The Structure-Agency Debate Revisitied – Shimon Peres and Actor Indispensability
  • Uri Bialer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Brandeis: Pre-State Historical Legacies and Israel's Foreign Policy
  • Nir Avieli, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Size Matters – Defining Israeli National Cuisine
  • Susanna Klosko, Brandeis University: The Inform, the Unfortunate, and the Aged – Chronic Illness, Naturalized Jews, and the American Consulate in Ottoman Jerusalem

Spring 2015

  • Amihai Radzyner, Bar-Ilan University Law School: The Impact of Supreme Court Rulings on the Halakhic Status of the Official Rabbinical Courts in Israel
  • Oren Barak, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: State, Society and Security in Israel/Palestine and Lebanon
  • Noam Shoval, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Jerusalem's Geopolitical Question: An Urban and Social Geography
  • Shraga Bar-on, Shalom Hartman Institute: "Godseekers:" A Cross-Identity State of Faith and the Jewish Renaissance in Israel
  • Jon Levisohn, Mandel Center for the Study of Jewish Education: Pedagogy Session - Teaching Contentious Issues
  • Dan Perelman, Associate Provost of Innovation in Education: Pedagogy Session - On Teaching Israel
  • Galeet Dardashti, Rutgers University: Money, Music and Mizrahiyut: The Piyut (Sacred Song) Craze in Israel
  • Anita Shapira, Tel Aviv University: Ben-Gurion - Father of Modern Israel (public event and book-signing)

Fall 2014

  • Yiftach Klein, Actor: "Fill the Void" - Examining Religion in Society
  • Gideon Aran, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Studying Palestinian Suicide Terrorism in Israel
  • Michael Zank, Boston University: Jerusalem in the Religious Studies Classroom - Theoretical Considerations and Topical Issues
  • Liora Norwich, Brandeis University: Ethnic Contention in Democratic Contexts: The Arab Minority in Israel
  • Yael Aronoff, University of Michigan: The Political Psychology of Israeli Prime Ministers - When Hardliners Opt for Peace
  • Nachman Ben-Yehuda: Israel Through a Prism of Unconventionality

Spring 2014

  • Jonathan Gribetz, Rutgers University: Knowing the Enemy through Translation -- On Arabic Renderings of Zionism
  • Donna Divine, Smith College: The Middle East Conflict -- Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword?
  • Savyon Leibricht, Author and Playright: Writing about the Holocaust
  • Gershom Gorenberg, Journalist and Historian: Rewriting Israeli History -- Two Cases of Narrative, Evidence and Cognitive Dissonancee
  • Hillel Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Can one Write the History of the Conflict without Lying? The Hevron Massacre (1929)
  • Uri Bialer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: History of Foreign Policy -- Working in Israeli Archives
  • David Fisher, Documentary Filmmaker: When Private Goes Public
  • Dan Schueftan, Haifa University: Israel's National Security Challenges in a Changing Regional and International Environment

Fall 2013

  • Annette Koren, Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies: Teaching Israel at American Universities -- Growth, Placement, and Future Prospects
  • Shai Feldman, Crown Center for Middle East Studies: Arabs and Israelis: Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East
  • Madalina Vartejanu-Joubert, INALCO Paris: On the Bonfils Archive - Photographs from the 19th Century Middle East
  • Ariel Roth, Israel Institute, Washington DC: Jewish Historical Memory and Israeli Security Policy
  • Tuvia Friling, Ben Gurion University of the Negev: 'New' Historians Use of the Shoah in Israel's Historiographical Discourse
  • Rachel Rojanski, Brown University: Yiddish - The Story of a Jewish Culture in a Hebrew State 1948-1968

Spring 2013

  • Yoel Rappel, Elie Wiesel Archive, Boston University: The Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel
  • Edwin Seroussi, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Jo Amar - A Western Israeli Artist
  • Sariel Birnbaum, SUNY Binghamton: Image of the Jew in Arab Historical Cinema
  • Yehudah Mirsky, Brandeis: Multiple Modernity as Theory and Theology - Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt and Rav Kook
  • Shay Rabineau, Brandeis: Israeli Hiking Trails as Articulations of National Identity
  • Sara Hirschhorn, Brandeis: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and the Jewish-American Makings of Efrat

Fall 2012

  • Pnina Lahav, Boston University School of Law: The American Identity of Golda Meir
  • Ute Deichmann, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Koeln University: The Difficult Beginning of Israeli-German Scientific Cooperation
  • Asaf Romirowsky, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, Philadelphia: Refugee Relief: the Quakers and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Uri Zaki, B’tselem USA: The Mammoth in the Room: The Israeli Occupation - Facts, Myths, Politics and Narratives
  • Dor Guez, Photography and Video Artist, Israel: On The Rose Art Museum Exhibition, "Dor Guez: 100 Steps to the Mediterranean"
  • Charles Asher Small, Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism, New Haven: Is it Possible to Study Contemporary Antisemitism in the Academy Today?: Conceptual and Political Impediments
  • Ilana Pardes, Harvard Divinity School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Agnon's Moonstruck Lovers: The Song of Songs in Israeli Culture
  • Emily McKee, Schusterman Center Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anthropology: Water Governance and the Politics of Scale: Middle-Eastern Cross-Border Conservation

Spring 2012

  • Tsafrir Goldberg, Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education: The Politics and Practice of Israeli High School History Curriculum about the Jewish-Arab Conflict
  • Eitan Bar-Yosef, University of Pennsylvania: Cry, The Beloved Country - Blackface, Mimicry, and Ethnicity in the Israeli Theater of the 1950s
  • Oded Haklai, Queen's University: Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel
  • Rivka Neriya Ben-Shahar, HBI Scholar/Sapir Academic College: The Creation of a New Women's Religious Culture: An Integrated Perspective
  • Eric Fleisch, Schusterman Scholar, NEJS: American Jewish Philanthropy to Israel in the Post-UJA Era
  • Efraim Inbar, Bar-Ilan University: The Arab Uprising and Israel
  • Abigail Jacobson, Research Fellow, Crown Center for Middle East Studies: Wallahi, al-Umma Matat...": The Ihsan Tourjman Diary as Source for Study of Jerusalem during WWI
  • David Jacobson, Director, Program in Judaic Studies, Brown University: The Emergence of Talmudic Legends in Contemporary Israeli Culture

Fall 2011

  • Laura Ligouri, Schusterman Scholar, Brandeis Anthropology: Reflections and Reconstructions of the Psyche in Israeli Theater
  • Michael Kassen, AIPAC President-elect: A Discussion on the Role of AIPAC
  • Michael Feige, Schusterman Visiting Professor, Anthropology, NEJS: The Changing Concept of Home among the West Bank Settlers
  • Charles D. Freilich, Senior Fellow Belfer Center, Kennedy School: National Security Decision Making Process in Israel
  • Yigal Schwartz, Ben Gurion University: Hebrew Literature in Europe - The 'Austro-Hungarians' versus the 'Russians'
  • Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Schusterman Post-doc Politics/Heller School: Beyond Kumbaya - Using Symbolic Reparation in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
  • Michael Keren, University of Calgary: We Are Coming Unafraid - The Jewish Legions and the Promised Land in the First World War
  • Uri Bialer, Schusterman Visiting Professor History, NEJS: The History of Israel's Foreign Policy as an Area of Study

Spring 2011

  • Yuval Jobani, Schusterman Post-doc NEJS: Man and Nature - AD Gordon on Secular Jewish Identity
  • Benni Neuberger, Open University: On the Stability of Israel's Democracy
  • Alain Deickoff, CNRS/Universite de Quebec: The Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State
  • Guy Abutbul, Schusterman Scholar, Sociology: The Construction of Ethnic Identities in the Israeli Middle Class
  • Yoram Peri, University of Maryland: The Military's Political Role in the Middle East and in Israel
  • Rachel Fish, Schusterman Scholar, NEJS: Michel Warshawski and the Zionist Idea
  • Avinoam Patt, University of Hartford: 'The People Must be Forced to go to Palestine' - a New Assessment of Zionism among the Survivors of the Holocaust
  • Adi Gordon, University of Cincinnati: On Jews and Other Nations - The Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn

Fall 2010

  • All seminar participants: Topics on Chanukah
  • Ceynep Zivcik, Schusterman Scholar, Politics: Turkey and Israel - The Role of the Military in Civil Society
  • Dan Ben-David, Tel Aviv University: A Macro Perspective of Israel's Society and Economy
  • Mitchell Bard, AICE: The Arab Lobby
  • Nahshon Perez, Visiting Professor Boston University : The Privatization of Jewishness in Israel: On Markets, Pork and the Sabbath
  • Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor: Monitoring NGOs
  • Uzi Rebhun, Hebrew University: Demography, Social Prosperity and the Future of a Sovereign Israel
  • Pnina Lahav, Boston University: A Small Nation Goes to War: Israel's Cabinet Authorization of the 1956 War
  • Sammy Smooha, Haifa University/Brandeis University: Is Israel Western?

Spring 2010

  • Liora Halperin, Harvard University Center for Jewish Studies: Language Diversity in the Yishuv
  • Sayed Kashua, Writer-in-Residence, Haaretz columnist, novelist, screenwriter
  • Aviva Halamish, Open University of Israel, Brandeis University: Soviet Influences on Israeli Culture in the Early Years
  • Andi Arnovitz, HBI Artist in Residence Brandeis University: Tear/ Repair [kriah/ichooi]
  • Ethan Bronner, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, New York Times: Covering the Middle East in 2010: A Report from the Field
  • Maoz Azaryahu, Haifa University/Brandeis University Anthropology: Asher Hiram and the Architecture of Military Cemeteries
  • Dalia Ofer, HBI Guest, Brandeis University: Parenthood in the Shadow of the Holocaust
  • Yarden Fanta-Vagenshtein, Harvard Research Fellow: Education: The Ethiopian-Israeli Community
  • Shay Rabineau, Schusterman Scholar, NEJS: Hiking Trails in Israel

Fall 2009

  • Michal Ben-Josef Hirsh, Schusterman Politics Post-doc, Politics: Until the Messiah do us Part: An Ideational and Political Alliance Between Israel and American Christians
  • Daphne Tsimhoni, Princeton University: Between the Star and the Crescent: The Position and Dilemmas of Palestinian Christians, in Between Israel and the Palestinian Authority
  • Alex Weingrod, Professor Emeritus Ben-Gurion University: The New Israeli Minorities
  • Edwin Seroussi, Hebrew University: Music in Israel Today: Processes and Experiences
  • Yoram Bilu, Schusterman Visiting Professor/Anthropology: The Messianic Self: Towards a Comparative Analysis of Habad and Braslav in Israel

Spring 2009

  • Mordechi Inbari, Schusterman Post-doc/NEJS: Rabbi Amram Bloi and the History of Neturei Karta
  • Randy Geller, Schusterman Scholar/NEJS: Framing the Druze Question: A Unique Minority in the Jewish State    
  • Nili Gold, University of Pennsylvania: Writing Literary Biography
  • Gabi Sheffer, Hebrew University: The Study of Civil-Military Relations in Israel: A New Perspective
  • Nira Yuval Davis, University of East London: Belonging and the Politics of Belonging
  • Hagar Lahav, Sapir Academic College, HBI: The State of Journalism in Israel
  • Paula Kabalo, Ben Gurion University of the Negev/Boston University: Challenging Disempowerment in 1948: The Role of the Jewish Third Sector during the Israeli War of Independence
  • Gannit Ankori, Hebrew University, Brandeis University: Israeli Art
Fall 2008
  • Benny Gidron, Schusterman Visiting Professor/Heller School, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Civil Society: The Missing Link in Israel Studies
  • Guy Ben Porat, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Secular but illiberal? Paradoxes of Israeli Democracy
  • Ronit Matalon, Haifa University: On Memory & Autobiography
  • Dr. Maina Chawla Singh, University of Delhi/American University: 'Being Indian--Being Israeli': Ethnicity and Identity Among Indian Jews in Israel
  • Etgar Keret, Writer: Girl on the Fridge, Jellyfish
  • Yaacov Ariel, University of North Carolina: Christian Zionism
  • Joseph Ringel, Schusterman Scholar/NEJS: What Is A Sephardi? A Debate Between R. Ovadiah Yosef And R. Eliyahu Zinni

Spring 2008

  • Natan Aridan, Ben Gurion University: Israeli Diplomacy and Diaspora Communities 1948-1957
  • Ofir Abu,Schusterman Scholar/Politics: Nationalism, Religion and the Breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
  • Motti Inbari, Schusterman Post-doc/NEJS: Who Will Build the Third Temple: Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount
  • Motti Inbari, Schusterman Post-doc/NEJS: Theology of the Disengagement: Rabbinical Response to a Crisis of Faith
  • Rachel Fish, Schusterman Scholar/NEJS: Bi-Nationalism: Nation-State Creation or Intellectual Framework
  • Guy Abutbul Selinger, Schusterman Scholar/Sociology: From Mizrahiyut to Sephardiyut: The Construction of a New Political Subject