Current Courses offered

Past and Recurring Courses

Past and Recurring Courses

Topics in Israel studies across campus departments

Gannit Ankori, Chair of Israeli Art in the Department of Fine Arts

  • Moving Images: Israeli Video Art in Context
  • Israeli Art and Visual Culture: Forging Identities Between East and West
  • Art and Trauma: Israeli, Palestinian, Latin American and United States Art
Maoz Azaryahu, Visiting Faculty Anthropology/Schusterman Center
  • Mythic Tel-Aviv
Uri Bialer, Visiting Faculty History/NEJS/Schusterman Center
  • Israel's Foreign Policy
  • Ideology and Society in Contemporary Israel: Major Controversies
Yoram Bilu, Visiting Faculty Anthropology/Schusterman Center
  • The Sanctification of Space in Contemporary Israel
Esther Carmel-Hakim, Lecturer in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
  • Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel, 1882-1948

David Ellenson, Schusterman Center Director and Visiting Professor NEJS

  • Modern Questions Jewish Answers: Modern Jewish Responsa Literature
  • Jewish and Israeli History and Historiography

Michael Feige, Visiting Faculty Anthropology/NEJS/Schusterman Center

  • Digging for National Roots: The Politics of Israeli Archaeology

Rachel Fish, Associate Director and Lecturer in NEJS

  • History of Israel
  • Myra Kraft Seminar in Israel (Hornstein Program for Jewish Professional Development)

David Fisher, Visiting Lecturer in Film, Television & Interactive Media

  • Israeli Documentary Film

Eric Fleisch, Lecturer in NEJS

  • History of the State of Israel

ChaeRan Freeze, Professor NEJS

  • Carnal Israel: Exploring Jewish Sexuality from Talmudic Times to the Present

Tuvia Friling, Visiting Faculty NEJS/Schusterman Center

  • The Yishuv, the State of Israel and the Holocaust

Benjamin Gidron, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Hornstein Professional Jewish Leadership Program

  • Topics in Sustainable Development
  • The Third Sector in Society & Non Profit Organizations and Society

Rafi Grosglik, Lecturer in Anthropology

  • Globalization and the Media: Israel as a Case Study
Michal Ben-Josef Hirsch, Schusterman Center and Politics Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • U.S- Israeli Relations: Interests, Values, Lobbies, and the "Special Relationship"
  • Transitional Justice and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Motti Inbari, Schusterman Center and NEJS Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Fundamentalism in a Comparative Perspective
  • Messianism and the State of Israel
Yuval Jobani, Schusterman Center and NEJS Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Jewish Political Thought

André Levy, Visiting Professor of Anthropology

  • Ethnicities in Israel
  • Global, Transnational and Diasporic Communities

Emily McKee, Schusterman Center and Anthropology Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Peoples and Societies of Israel and the Middle East
  • Environmental Anthropology of the Middle East
Yehudah Mirsky, Schusterman Center and NEJS Associate Professor
  • Israel: Religion, State and Society
  • Zionism, Israel and the Crises of Jewish Modernity
  • Renaissance, Revolution, Redemption: Readings in Early Zionist Thought
  • The World to Come: Jewish Messianism from Antiquity to Zionism
  • Human Rights: Law, Politics, Theology
Hanna Naveh, Visiting Professor, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
  • Family Myths: Imagining the Family in Modern Hebrew Literature
  • Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Modern Hebrew Literature

Liora Norwich, Israel Institute Post-doctoral Fellow, Politics

  • Israeli Politics in a Comparative Perspective
  • Social and Political Movements in Israel

Ari Ofengenden, NEJS and Hebrew Language Faculty

  • Representing the Arab-Israeli Conflict (cinema)

Shay Rabineau, Israel Institute Post-doctoral Fellow, Schusterman Center

  • History of the State of Israel
  • Walking the Land: Hiking and Religious Pilgrimage in Israel/Palestine/TheHoly Land

Sharon Pucker Rivo, Associate Professor and Director, National Center for Jewish Film

  • Jews on Screen: From "Cohen’s Fire Sale" to the Coen Brothers

Ambassador Dennis Ross, Fred and Rita Richman Distinguished Visiting Professor

  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Eugene Sheppard, Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought; Associate Director of the Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry
  • The Modern Jewish Experience
  • Major Trends in Modern Jewish Philosophy
  • Trials of Truth, Power, and Justice
  • Zionism and Its Critics: Contested Visions of Jewish Nationalism
  • Seminar on Modern Jewish History and Historiography
  • Secularization and its Discontents

Liron Shani, Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology

  • The Politics of Nature: Environment, Agriculture and Society in Israel and the Middle East
  • Contemporary Israeli Society: Identities and Dilemmas

Sammy Smooha, Schusterman Visiting Professor in Sociology

  • Israeli Society
  • Ethnic Relations
Asher Susser, Senior Fellow on the Myra and Robert Kraft Chair in Arab Politics
  • Contemporary Politics in the Middle East
  • Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinians: Between War and Peace
Ilana Szobel, Assistant Professor on the Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Chair in Hebrew Literature
  • (Re)Imagining Israel: Narrative, Identity, and Zionism in Hebrew Literature
  • Representing the Holocaust in Hebrew Literature
  • When a Man Loves a Woman: Love, Power, and Gender in Modern Hebrew Literature
  • Promises and Fulfillment: Israeli Life in Hebrew Literature
  • Line of Resistance: Israeli Women Writers on War and Peace
  • Trauma and Violence in Israeli Literature and Film
  • Minorities in Israeli Literature and Culture
  • Israeli Literature and Film in Translation

Amber Taylor, Schusterman Center Scholar and NEJS doctoral candidate

  • Divided Society, Divided Identity: Exploring the Experience of Minorities in Israel

Ilan Troen, Director, Schusterman Center for Israel Studies; Karl, Harry, and Helen Stoll Family Chair in Israel Studies

  • Conflict and Controversies in Israeli History: graduate seminar
  • Divergent Jewish Cultures: Israel and America
  • History of the State of Israel, Zionism to the Present
  • Topics in Israeli Social and Political History
  • War and Peace in Israeli Thought and Praxis
  • Middle East Studies
  • Conflict and Consensus in Israeli Society: graduate seminar

Middle East Studies

Eva Bellin, Myra and Robert Kraft Professor of Arab Politics, Crown Center for Middle East Studies

  •  Contemporary Politics in the Middle East

Shai Feldman, Director, Crown Center for Middle East Studies  

  • Arms Control in the Middle East
  • Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East
  • The Middle East in International Relations
  • Israel, Iran, the Bomb and Beyond: Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East
  • Middle East Crisis: Competing Explanations

Nader Habibi, Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East; Fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies; Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics

  • The Economics of the Middle East

Banu Eligur, Madeleine Haas Russell Visiting Assistant Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies; Research Fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies

  •   Civil Society in the Middle East
  •   Political Islam: Introduction to Islamist Social
 Movements in the Middle East

Avigdor Levy, Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies;  Director of the Graduate Program in Middle East Studies, NEJS

  • The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire, 1800-1923
  • Jews in the World of Islam
  • Religion and Society in the Modern Middle East
  • The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800
  • Seminar on States and Minorities in the Middle East

Hikmet Kocamener, Lecturer in Anthropology

  • Secularism, Religion and Modernity

Kanan Makiya, Sylvia K. Hassenfeld Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies

  • Describing Cruelty
  • The Monument and the City
  • The Middle Eastern City: Intersections of Art, Literature and History
  • Political Cultures of the Middle East
  • War and Revolution in the Middle East

Yitzhak Nakash, Associate Professor of Modern Middle East Studies

  • History and Memory of the Modern Middle East
  • The Making of the Modern Middle East
  • Political Cultures of the Middle East

Lawrence Rubin, Lecturer Crown Center for Middle East Studies

  • Contemporary Politics in the Middle East

Franck F. Salameh, Lecturer in Arabic

  • Societies in Conflict: Exploring the Middle East through
 Authentic Materials

Cengiz Sisman, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

  • Political Islam
  • Islam, the Middle East and the West

Nagmeh Sohrabi, Associate Director of Research, Crown Center for Middle East Studies

  • Modern Middle East through Art and Culture
  • History of the Modern Middle East