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Israel: A History receives Azrieli Institute Award for Best Book in Israel Studies in English or French, November 2014.

Review of The Rise of the Individual in 1950s Israel in International Journal of Middle East Studies v.46. 

Author Orit Rozin interviewed by TLV1, March 11, 2014. 

Association of Jewish Studies Review 37:2 includes Hizky Shoham review of Helman's Young Tel Aviv.


Forthcoming Books

Israeli Society in the Twenty-First Century: Immigration, Inequality and Religious Conflict

Calvin Goldscheider


A data-based analysis of social life and social problems in contemporary Israel that draws a vivid portrait of a dynamic and rapidly changing society

Goldscheider identifies three key social changes that have led to the transformation of Israeli society in the twenty-first century: the massive immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union, the economic shift to a high-tech economy, and the growth of socioeconomic inequalities inside Israel. To deepen his analysis of these developments, Goldscheider focuses on ethnicity, religion, and gender, including the growth of ethnic pluralism in Israel, the strengthening of the Ultra-Orthodox community, the changing nature of religious Zionism and secularism, shifts in family patterns, and new issues and challenges between Palestinians and Arab Israelis given the stalemate in the peace process and the expansions of Jewish settlements.

Combining demography and social structural analysis, the author draws on the most recent data available from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics and other sources to offer scholars and students an innovative guide to thinking about the Israel of the future.

CALVIN GOLDSCHEIDER is professor emeritus of sociology and Ungerleider Professor Emeritus of Judaic Studies at Brown University.