Brandeis Library

The Schusterman Center supports Brandeis library acquisitions in the field of Israel Studies, both fiction and non-fiction. In Fall 2011 we feature:

Israeli Cinemaisraelicinemabook
by Miri Talmon and Yaron Peleg
Leading Israeli film scholars examine Israeli cinema as a prism that refracts collective Israeli identities through the medium and art of motion pictures. The contributors address several broad themes in this first-ever English anthology: the nation imagined on film; war, conflict, and trauma; gender, sexuality, and ethnicity; religion and Judaism; discourses of place in the age of globalism; filming the Palestinian Other; and new cinematic discourses.
[Austin: University of Texas Press, 2011]

In 2010 we featured:

Zionism and the Roads not TakenPIanko book on Zionism
by Noam Pianko
"Uncovers the thought of three key interwar Jewish intellectuals who defined Zionism's central mission as challenging the model of a sovereign nation-state...Although their models differed, each of these three thinkers conceived of a more practical and ethical paradigm of national cohesion that was not tied to a sovereign state."
[Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2010]

Suddenly in the Depths of the ForestAmos Oz book
by Amos Oz (Translated from the Hebrew by Sondra Silverston)
"An enchanting modern fable with a dark undertow...a tale of secrets uncovered, of actions and their consequences...In a village far away, deep in a valley, all the animals and birds disappeared some years ago...One little boy dreams of them, begins to whoop like an owl and disappears.  A stubborn girl called Maya and her friend Matti are drawn to explore, though they know there are dangers beyond, and that at night Nehi the Mountain Demon returns to the village..."

[London : Chatto & Windus, 2010]

Latino Migrants in the Jewish State:
Undocumented Lives in Israel
Kalir book

by Barak Kalir
"A sophisticated study of Latino immigration in Israel . . . [that] makes a contribution not just to the study of contemporary Israel, but to the study of migrant labor, citizenship, and migration in the contemporary world." —Arif Dirlik, Chinese University of Hong Kong
[Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2010]