Cosponsored Events

The Schusterman Center for Israel Studies is part of the vibrant academic community at Brandeis. The Center collaborates with and complements a range of centers and institutes, academic departments, schools, and programs at Brandeis. View some of the events we have cosponsored:

Cosponsored Events



Association for Israel Studies 27th International Conference

May 13-15, 2011: Cosponsored with Hadassah-Brandeis Institute and Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies


March 2-14, 2011: Co-presenter of Israeli films, with the National Center for Jewish Film


Mom, Dad, I have Something to Tell You, by Assi Azar

November 7, 2011: Schusterman Center cosponsored film screening and Q&A with the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program

Avinoam Patt, The People must be Forced to go to Palestine: A New Assessment of  Zionism among the Survivors of the Holocaust

February 10, 2011: Schusterman Scholars Seminar cosponsored with Tauber's Jewish Studies Colloquium  

Adi Gordon, On Jews and Other Nations: The Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn (1891-1971)

January 28, 2011: Schusterman Scholars Seminar cosponsored with the Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry 



Vilna Ghetto Underground Commanders Abba Kovner and Yitzhak Wittenberg: A Test Case of Youth Movements during the Holocaust

March 11, 2010: Cosponsored with the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Department and
The Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry.

The Archaeology of Love and Sex in the Ancient Near East and Canaanites, Philistines, Israelites and Crusaders:  The Excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel

March 3, 2010: Cosponsored with The Departments of Anthropology & Near Eastern and Judaic Studies; The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute; Feminist Sexual Ethics Project; The Martin Weiner Funds

Making the absent Rabbi present: Iconophilia and Apparitions in Messianic Habad

October 29, 2009: Cosponsored with Anthropology Colloquia Series

Re-Viewing the Nation: Memory, Membership, and Ethnicity

October 14-22, 2009: Cosponsored with the Anthropology Department

Conferences and Symposia

Rabin Memorial Event and Screening of Shivah in November

October 24, 2010: Cosponsored with the National Center for Jewish Film

Rising from the Ashes: Jewish Families and Children during and After the Holocaust

April 11-13, 2010: Cosponsored with The Hadassah-Brandeis Institute


April 7-18, 2010: Cosponsored with the National Center for Jewish Film

Covering the Middle East in 2010: A Report from the Field

February 2, 2010: Cosponsored with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism

The Challenge of the U.N. Gaza Report

November 5, 2009: Cosponsored with the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life

Dan Meridor, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel: Israel in the Changing Middle East

October 15, 2009: Cosponsored with the Crown Center for Middle East Studies

Author & Artist Series

Sayed Kashua: Screening of Arab Labor television series, followed by Q&A

March 9, 2010: Cosponsored with the National Center for Jewish Film
March 8-10, 2010: Sayed Kashua, celebrated author, columnist and screenwriter of the award-winning television show, Arab Labor [Avoda Aravit], conducted a series of lectures and workshops with Brandeis students from the NEJS Department, Hebrew Language and Literature Program, and the Slifka Co-Existence Program discussing his work and the impact of his experiences of being an Arab in Israel.

Tear/Repair [kriah/ichooi] by Andi Arnovitz

February 23 - April 26, 2010: Cosponsored with the HBI Artist-in-Residence Program