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"My hosts were extremely gracious...Sitting at the table reminded me how we celebrate our festivities in the exact same way back home by having food and talking with family. It shows how we are not different from each other, how humanity is just one big family. I was glad I went for the dinner I had a great time." - Javaid, Thanksgiving 2018



Interested in experiencing the Thanksgiving holiday with a Brandeis community member and their family? 

Each year the ISSO connects various hosts from the Brandeis community (faculty, staff, friends of the community, etc.) who open their homes to Brandeis international students (like you!) to share a Thanksgiving meal.

Spending Thanksgiving with a host is a great opportunity for you to learn about how the Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated in the U.S., develop rewarding friendships with the hosts, as well as share your culture with your holiday host.

This year the Thanksgiving holiday will be celebrated on Thursday November 22, 2018; however, hosts do not necessarily have to hold their meal on the day that the holiday is officially observed.  For example, a Thanksgiving host may invite students to join her/his family Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, November 21st, Friday, November 23rd, or on the weekend. 

If you are interested in having a Thanksgiving host this year, please take a few moments to fill out the online Sign-Up Form. The sign-up deadline will be 12 MIDNIGHT on Thursday, November 15th.

NOTE:  Signing up for a Thanksgiving host does not necessarily guarantee you a host.  Student-Host matches will be made on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis. 

The ISSO will be in touch with you regarding contact information of the host who will be inviting you to their Thanksgiving holiday celebrations.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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