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Name          Country          Bio
Gisaldjo Purbollari Albania Bio
Akim Sanni Benin Bio
Nicole Berenice Zamora Flores Ecuador Bio
Yasmin Bedair Egypt Bio
Roza Azene Ethiopia Bio
Akwasi Owusu-Brempong Ghana Bio
Ghazal Hashemipour Moussavi    Iran Bio
Rasheed Peters Jamaica Bio
Roopa Boodhun Mauritius Bio
Daniel Garcia Murillo Mexico Bio
Nomunaa Purevbayar Mongolia Bio
Abdul Rehman Pakistan Bio
Carlos Caballero Ferreira   Paraguay Bio
Uros Randelovic Republic of Serbia   Bio
Sonia Pavel Romania Bio
Agape Niyobuhungiro Rwanda Bio
Sarah Nzisabira Rwanda Bio
Sahra Jaamac Somalia Bio
Israel George Mnyitafu Tanzania Bio
Ece Esikara Turkey Bio
Trang Nguyen Vietnam Bio
Tafara Gava Zimbabwe Bio


Name: Gisaldjo Purbollari
Country: Albania
Class Year: 2020
Major: Computer Science

Gisaldjo has a wide variety of interests and passions: he enjoys playing classical, pop and rock music on the piano, programming, robotics, brainstorming major global issues and playing sports. One thing he enjoys the most is meeting people from different places and backgrounds and meeting people who have different ways of thinking. Gisaldjo believes that sharing with and learning from people different from you is a sure way to become part of the global community, as well as grow morally and intellectually as a person.

Gisaldjo's global journey began when he was accepted to United World Colleges in Mostar, an international IB high school with a strong emphasis on moral values and strong bonds between the members of its community. It is precisely his experience growing as a global citizen in the United World Colleges Mostar community that led to his interest in attending Brandeis. Gisaldjo is confident that his journey will continue and flourish at Brandeis.

Akim Sanni

Name: Akim Sanni
Country: Benin
Class Year: 2021
Major: Undecided

Akim is originally from Benin but attended high school at Tabor Academy in Massachusetts, where he played basketball for 4 years and was team captain. Akim was a community leader at Tabor, serving as a dormitory proctor, admissions tour guide, and peer mentor for other international students. Before coming to the US, Akim walked 18 kilometers every day to school and basketball practice. He will join the varsity basketball team here at Brandeis and is currently undecided regarding his studies.

Name: Nicole Berenice Zamora Flores
Country: Ecuador
Class Year: 2021
Major: Undeclared

Nicole is from Ecuador and attended Montebello Academy. She earned a social innovation certificate in Ecuador, interned at both a marketing firm and a local hospital, and worked part time in an advertising agency. Nicole has extensive experience working with children as an extracurricular instructor and summer camp organizer. At Brandeis Nicole is interested in both economics and anthropology, and would like to use technology to work in the field of social entrepreneurship.


Name: Yasmin Bedair
Country: Egypt
Class Year: 2019
Major: Undeclared

Getting accepted to Brandeis as a Wien Scholar has definitely been a life-altering experience for Yasmin. It inspired her to start a Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) club in her school just a few weeks upon receiving her Brandeis acceptance letter. The RAK club was able to hold events exclusively made for the less fortunate based solely on charity. Within a few months, the club was officially recognized worldwide on the RAK Foundation website. Yasmin is confident that Brandeis will provide countless opportunities to help her continue and expand this legacy.

Roza Azene

Name: Roza Azene
Country: Ethiopia
Class Year: 2018
Majors: Economics, Mathematics; Business minor

Coming to Brandeis was Roza's first opportunity to travel outside of her home country. Being at Brandeis is one of her greatest achievements so far. Roza feels extremely proud and honored to be a part of this wonderful community. Roza was (pleasently) surprized at how amazing the Wien Scholars really are. The Wien community is so supportive and friendly. Roza feels like she is now part of one big happy family.

Roza hopes to participate in several clubs on campus as well as pursue internship opportunities off campus. She is excited for the four wonderful years that she will spend at Brandeis.


Name: Akwasi Owusu-Brempong
Country: Ghana
Class Year: 2021
Major: Economics

Akwasi Owusu-Brempong hails from Ghana, where he attended St. Augustine’s Academy. Akwasi started social impact business venture with his uncle, installing accessible restroom facilities. He served as a school leader as a residence hall prefect, peer tutor, and drama club stage manager. He was also involved in community service, and served as financial controller for an organization that raised funds for malaria prevention. At Brandeis he is interested in studying economics and business, and would like to work to improve infrastructure in Ghana.



Name: Ghazal Hashemipour Moussavi
Country: Iran
Class Year: 2020
Major: Biology

Ghazal enjoys painting, sculpting and photography.  Her experiences of living in Persia, China and the United States have opened her eyes to discovering and enjoying different cultures. Her journey thus far has given her a broader, more diverse perspective of the world and a deeper understanding of how people across the globe are interconnected. Ghazal hopes to further expand her world view, foster her passion for art and language, and develop her academic interest in the fascinating field of biological sciences at Brandeis.



Name: Rasheed Peters
Country: Jamaica
Class Year: 2020
Majors: Business and International and Global Studies

As a firm believer in living life to the fullest, Rasheed seeks adventure and new experiences that allow him to travel, meet people from all over and be immersed in different cultures. Apart from that, you can find him on the beach, trying new food (or just eating 24/7) or listening to music.

Growing up Rasheed was exposed to the business world by his parents and today it is one of his passions. He enjoys planning events and working on projects of all types.

Rasheed feels that Brandeis is a perfect match for him because it is fueled by activism, altruism, and overall forward thinking. Through the Wien Scholars program and other services offered by Deis, he hopes to develop these skills and become an agent of change and progress that the world needs.

Rasheed plans on double majoring in Business and International and Global Studies. He feels these two majors will definitely allow him to fulfill his goals, provide travel opportunities and do some amazing things!


Name: Roopa Boodhun
Country: Mauritius
Class Year: 2018
Major: Psychology, Business minor

Roopa is proud to be a part of the Brandeis community in which she has met driven people who stand up for what they believe in thanks to the respect, care and open-mindedness that the community fosters. Brandeis, and especially her fellow Wien Scholars, inspire her to dream bigger, to take necessary risks and to keep exploring. As a result, she tried out Psychology and Theater Arts classes and was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much she learned about her inner self.

Roopa is majoring in Psychology, with a focus on organizational behavior. She continues to explore her budding interest in theater. Roopa also enjoys working as an admissions assistant at the Brandeis International Business School. When not in class or at work, Roopa can be found exploring Waltham and Boston, trying out different makeup looks for friends or rehearsing Bollywood songs with friends from the South Asian Student Association.

Roopa is not only proud to be a part of the Brandeis community, but also she is also eager to discover how the support of the Wien Scholarship and the Brandeis community will transform her throughout the years and how she, in turn, will transform the lives of others.



Name: Daniel Garcia Murillo
Country: Mexico
Class Year: Class of 2020
Majors: Neuroscience & Computer Science

Daniel is a thinker.  He loves visualizing concepts and manipulating them creatively. His goal is to successfully use his intellect to advance humanity. Daniel is interested in learning the way in which the brain understands and learns to innovate in the field of education. He has already experimented learning approaches in a course of his own design that he started for students at low scoring schools in his region. His mental models approach to how complex concepts and problems develope in kids has kindled a desire to learn more and discover more. Daniel is fascinated by human intelligence, consciousness and self-awareness. He wishes to figure out how these intertwine by pursuing his interest in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Daniel wishes to become a scientific researcher in the future.

Daniel was part of the first robotics team at his high school, where he nourished his interest in science. He was also part of a teaching group for low scoring schools. He hopes to continue his hunt for concepts, knowledge and ideas in different fields to synthesize new and exciting concepts while at Brandeis.


Name: Nomunaa Purevbayar
Country: Mongolia
Class Year: 2017
Majors: Economics & Business;  French and Francophone Studies minor

Nomunaa believes the best aspect of being a Wien Scholar is the chance to be part of a special group consisting of intelligent and creative individuals who learn from each other and support each other. Nomunaa has gained new perspectives on social issues from dialogues with fellow Wien Scholars and relishes representing the international student community at Brandeis through the group's community involvement activities.

Nomunaa is interested in the economics of education and hopes to start a career in education research and policy. She has a deep appreciation for French literature and art, and spends most of her free time reading Albert Camus and visiting art museums.


Name: Abdul "Mani" Rehman
Country: Pakistan
Class Year: 2019
Major: Politics

Mani says it is an incredible feeling to be a part of Brandeis. He still remembers the moment when he applied, wishing to be accepted to this cultural and intellectual breeding ground for the passionate young minds from all around the globe. Being a Wien scholar is a bonus and it feels amazing to see himself listed among the Wien International Scholars. The Brandeis international community is one of the major reasons that Brandeis is a dream college for Mani.

Throughout high school, he was an integral part of the team that has organized polio eradication campaigns, pollution awareness walks and several others. Mani is hopeful to connect with resources at Brandeis and utilize them to carry on his mission.

Pakistan is in need of educated and exceptional leaders who can lead it to a developed nation. Mani believes Brandeis can transform him into someone who can sacrifice his own desires in order to feed the hunger and quench the thirst of his nation. Each and every day of his life, Mani sees the glimmer of hope in people's eyes that one day their lives will change. Until his last breath, Mani will put all of his energy into following the footsteps of the father of his nation, Mr. Jinnah and intends to carve his path into the political structure of Pakistan.


Name: Carlos "Guille" Guillermo
Country: Paraguay
Class Year: 2020
Major: International and Global Studies

Guille, as he likes to be called, was born in Paraguay in 1998. In his free time, he likes to read novels of varios genres and write short stories. He is eager to be involved in socio political development and civil rights related themes. He has worked for non-governmental organizations focused on educational and sanitary development in poor areas of Paraguay.

In 2014 Guille was selected to participate in the Youth Ambassadors Program to further leadership skills and the Opportunity Funds Program to begin his path towards applying to universities in the US. In late 2015 he started a virtual campaign against bullying and discrimination that had national and international impact. His passion for searching diplomatic solutions to problems encourages him to major in International and Global Studies at Brandeis.


Name: Uros Randelovic
Country: the Republic of Serbia
Class Year: 2018
Majors: Business, Economics

Uros started his journey just after his 17th birthday by going to international boarding school - United World College, located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many people at that time perceived Uros as crazy for going into "hostile" territory.  To Uros, the best way of overcoming this perception was showing that such hate does not matter to him. A highly publicized event in which he and his girlfriend kissed while covered with our national flags (Serbian and Croatian) helped him make a much larger impact on people. 

After the photo went viral, Uros battled the SAT's, International Baccalaureate exams and the Common Application which resulted in yet another personal victory – a Wien Scholarship.  Uros hopes that the Wien Scholarship will allow him to further pursue making an even bigger change in the world.



Name: Sonia Maria Pavel
Country: Romania
Class Year: 2020
Majors: Philosophy, Anthropology
Minor: French and Francophone Studies

Growing up in Bucharest, Romania, it was always Sonia's dream to study in the United States. This dream came true when she received the Wien merit scholarship. At Brandeis, she followed her passion for social and political issues, which she had previously discovered as a debater. This passion gradually translated into two major domains of study, Anthropology and Philosophy. Sonia is currently most interested in questions pertaining to the nature and development of normative communities, personhood and its ethical dimensions, as well as moral and political obligations. After graduation, she is determined to pursue a doctorate in Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy.



Name: Agape Niyobuhungiro
Country: Rwanda
Class Year: 2020
Major: Undeclared

Agape was born in Kigali, Rwanda and attended an international school there for eight years. As a Rwandan who has lived abroad for several years, Agape enjoys traveling and getting to know new people and places.  He looks forward to broadening his horizons and learning as much (if not more) outside of the classroom than inside. Agape feels that the Wien Scholarship Program experience will launch a truly international experience for him at Brandeis and beyond.

In high school, Agape took part in a range of activities from the school band to Model United Nations, in addition to surviving the IB.  Agape plans on majoring in HSSP in order to eventually make an impact on the health system in his own country.


Name: Sarah Nzisabira
Country: Rwanda
Class Year: 2020
Major: Undeclared

After spending two years at the African Leadership Academy, Sarah believes that every African has a role to play in the development of their continent. She is passionate about revolutionizing the young African's educational experience and thus impacting the continent's political and entrepreneurial spheres.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading, browsing Netflix and spending time with her family.

Sarah chose Brandeis because of its strong international student presence and culture of social justice. She is undecided on what major to pursue but is leaning towards International and Global studies and is excited to see what the next four years hold for her, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Name: Sahra Jaamac
Country: Somalia
Class Year: 2020
Major: Undeclared

As a young Somali woman, Sahra's vision of life is big. She likes to read and watch Game of Thrones for fun. Community Service is some thing Sahra loves to do and it has been a significant part of her high school experience at Abaarso School.


Name: Israel George
Country: Tanzania
Class Year: 2019
Major: Undeclared

Initially, the Brandeis International Business School is what piqued Israel's interest in Brandeis. As he researched more about the elements of social justice, community service and a campus culture that embraces diversity, it became more obvious to Israel that Brandeis is a great place to receive an undergraduate education and thrive and grow as a global citizen.  

Israel has always been interested in Economics.  Politics, religion and environmental studies are also intriguing to him. Israel is proud to be a part of such an amazing community and even prouder to be a Wien Scholar.


Name: Z. Ece Esikara
Country: Turkey
Class Year: 2019
Major: Politics

Ece is passionate about politics, literature and theater. She plans to study Middle East politics at Brandeis. She likes to read, write and act. At Brandeis, Ece is excited about the wide spectrum of research opportunities.  In addition, she plans to help, share and engage with the local community.



Name: Trang Nguyen
Country: Vietnam
Class Year: 2019
Major: Undeclared

Trang has a deep interest in conserving the environment. She has had the opportunity to be part of the South East Asia Youth Environment Network, a program initiated by UNEP.  Trang cares about social justice and loves volunteering. In her free time, she enjoys photography, writing stories, listening to music and gardening.


Name: Tafara Gava
Country: Zimbabwe
Class Year: 2020
Major: Creative Writing, Health: Science, Society and Policy

Tafara is an avid reader, art enthusiast, and theatre fanatic. He aspires to be an author who divides his time between writing and helping African governments improve healthcare on the African continent. Tafara plans to double-major in Creative Writing and Health: Science, Society and Policy. Tafara became interested in Brandeis because of the emphasis the university places on experiential learning. He looks forward to meeting quirky, creative individuals like himself within the Brandeis community.