J-1 Funding Requirements

J-1 Exchange Visitors will need to show available funding of at least US$2,200 per month to support him/herself, plus US$800 per month per dependent (spouse and children) who plan to accompany the exchange visitor to the U.S. The appointee must provide documentation of funding to support him/herself, along with all dependents, for duration of the appointment. 

If the appointee will not receive full funding from your department/Brandeis, documentation of financial support should be provided in the form of a letter (on agency/organization letterhead) regarding the grant or outside funding arrangement (e.g. private foundation, home government grant, salary from home institution).

If the appointee’s salary or outside source of funding will not cover the full cost of living, the appointee must provide documentation of personal, family, or private sponsor support to cover the difference (if not from a personal bank account, the appointee must provide a copy of a letter from the sponsor confirming the funding amount provided and a copy of appropriate bank statement/certificate of available funding).