Travel Information

When traveling outside the U.S., please make sure you locate all of your immigration documents prior to your departure.  If you travel without proper immigration documentation on your person, you may face complications when re-entering the U.S. 

To help answer some of your questions about traveling outside of the U.S., the ISSO has prepared the following information:

How to Obtain a Travel Signature

What to Do with Your Form I-94 When Departing U.S.


How to Renew Your Expired Visa


Applying for H-1B Visa Stamp

Send / Receive Your Visa Document via eShipGlobal


Required Documents to Re-Enter the U.S.


What To Do If You Are Issued an I-515A

Entering the U.S. by Air or Sea: Electronic Form I-94
Entering the U.S. by Land: Paper Form I-94;


Travel for Canadian Citizens


DHS TRIP- Report U.S. Port of Entry Issues