Students on the program will take the following three courses:

POL 154aj Seminar: Citizenship
POL 108aj The Police and Social Movements in American Politics
POL 92bj Internship  or POL 98aj Research Project

A draft syllabus for the program can be found here.

Students will earn 12 credits and the program may count towards one of the semesters that students need in order to graduate.

How the courses count:

  • POL 108aj and POL 154aj meet the elective requirement for Social Justice and Social Policy as Policy Approaches to Social Problems courses
  • POL 108aj is cross-listed in American Studies
  • POL 154aj meets the related elective requirement for European Cultural Studies
  • The Social Science distribution requirement will be met

Tentative Schedule

The summer will be divided into two five-week sessions, with the first two courses (Citizenship and Social Movements in American Politics) taking place in June and the third course (Internship/Independent Study) running July-August.

June 2 - July 3
Monday - Thursday
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  POL 154 Citizenship

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  POL 108a Social Movements in American Politics


July 7 - August 8

4 hour class each week: Internship/Independent Study Workshop

1 private meeting with Professor Kryder each week.

15-20 hours of independent research each week.

Students will conduct independent research on or pursue an internship related to their chosen project. During this time, they will meet as a class once a week for four hours.  This class will be run as a workshop for students to discuss their field projects with each other.  The exact schedule will be worked out in the first part of the summer so as not to interfere with student research.  Students will also be required to meet with the instructor for up to one hour once a week (the instructor will hold regular weekly office hours and will be available to meet at other times as necessary). These meetings will provide the chance for intensive supervision of independent study and field research, something which is difficult for professors to provide in the course of the semester. It will also give students the opportunity to learn from each other.

Note that this schedule and all information is subject to change.