Composition and History Tracks

Theory Courses

Six semesters:

  • MUS 101a and b (with 2-credit labs 102a and b) AND

  • MUS 103a and b (with 2-credit labs 104a and b)

History Courses

Three semesters:

  • MUS 131a

  • MUS 133b

  • MUS 135a


Three semesters:

  • Three courses in music

Private lessons (a full year of MUS 111/112) may be applied once only for major credit. MUS 1a, 2a, 5a,b, and 80-88 may not be counted as electives.

Track-specific Requirements

Composition Track

  • One semester: MUS 106a

History Track

Ensemble Courses

Four semesters (taken in four different semesters):

  • Department ensembles MUS 80-88 or 116 (with or without credit)

Keyboard Proficiency

Keyboard proficiency must be demonstrated by exam by the end of the penultimate semester. Free instruction is available through the Basic Piano program. (no course credit)