BA/BS MAT Requirements

One major requirement for admission is that juniors complete all undergraduate requirements in the fall of their senior year. And so, we ask that you first determine whether you can fulfill this requirement with the help of an Ed Program advisor before applying to the program.

Meet with an Ed Program Advisor

Schedule an appointment and meet with an Ed Program Advisor. Bring your resume and transcript to the meeting.

Complete Undergraduate Requirements in the Fall of Your Senior Year

With the guidance of your undergraduate advisor/s, create a plan that will allow you to complete all your undergraduate requirements including coursework and residency in the fall of your senior year. Determine courses that will fulfill both your undergraduate and MAT requirements.

Submit Application

Applications are submitted to GSAS. To better guide you in the application process, please refer to the application checklist.  Details about early decision and required documents are available on the application information page of MAT website.  The application fee is waived and GREs are not required for Brandeis graduates. The deadline to submit a completed application is on January 31.

Program Structure

After their junior year, undergraduates who are accepted to the Ten Semester BA/BS-MAT program join other MAT students in an intensive five-week summer program. During their fall semester, the Ten Semester students must complete all outstanding undergraduate requirements, including coursework and residency. The student's MAT pre-practicum will also begin in the fall.

It is the responsibility of the student to select those courses necessary for completion of the BA or BS requirements. The advisor in the Education Program will advise on the courses which satisfy MAT requirements. If the student succeeds in the stipulated courses, and if the requirements for the BA or BS are satisfied by the end of December (thus being eligible for the degree in February), the Ten Semester student will have satisfied the conditions of admission to the MAT program.

After completing the BA or BS in December, the Ten Semester student will become a full-time MAT student for the spring, which includes a full time internship, courses, and a teacher research project. Students complete the MAT requirements during the tenth final summer semester. The successful completion of the MAT program along with passing required state examinations enables graduates to apply for Initial MA certification in elementary or secondary teaching.

Student Status

A Ten Semester applicant will be accepted as a special student with a status of "undergraduate" during the first summer. Please note that a student must abide by GSAS rules with respect to grades; that is, he or she must earn a "B - " or better in any course to be counted towards the MAT degree.

Scholarship Assistance

In summer I, the student will be eligible for whatever undergraduate aid is currently in place. Undergraduate aid will be pro-rated for summer I during which the MAT tuition is charged. Full undergraduate aid and tuition for which the student is eligible will be applied in the fall semester. Ten Semester students are also eligible to apply for MAT scholarships for the spring and summer II semesters.