A group of Peer Research Mentors pose for a photograph
Lucca Raabe

Lucca Raabe '23 utilized the Provost Undergraduate Research Fund to support her senior thesis research on the ways race functions in mathematics education, specifically with the desire to improve the retention of students of color in the Brandeis Math Department.

Srishti stands with her poster at a conference
A student explains their poster to an attendee at the URCC symposium

The second annual URCC Symposium in May of 2022 showcased the research of over 100 Brandeis undergraduates.

What Inspires You?

Are you an undergraduate who wants to get involved in a research or creative project? At Brandeis, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office can help you find topics, mentors, and funding for an original research or creative project in close collaboration with leading Brandeis faculty and researchers.

Students can get involved in research in many ways, including as paid research assistants, through research grants and fellowships, and research for course credit. You can start exploring your options now!

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Collaborations Office (URCC) is the centralized undergraduate research office in the School of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis. The URCC develops, supports, promotes, and expands undergraduate-faculty research partnerships in the Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.

The URCC was established by the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences in 2020. In partnership with Brandeis colleagues, the URCC has built a centralized research infrastructure, organized and held a yearly all-disciplines spring undergraduate research and creative collaborations symposium, managed existing and secured new undergraduate fellowship, research assistant, and grant programs, designed and delivered informational workshops, and created a peer research mentors program.

We’re here to help you find and pursue what inspires you.

Peer Research Mentoring Program

The URCC offers a peer research mentoring program. Get advice and guidance from experienced peer undergraduate and graduate researchers. The sign up to join a mentoring group will be available in Fall 2024. To learn more, view the video below and visit the URCC Peer Research Mentoring page.

What is Research?

"Undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry is fundamentally a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. With an emphasis on process, CUR defines undergraduate research as: A mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by undergraduates that seeks to make a scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge." - Council on Undergraduate Research

Why Research?

Undergraduate research is a high-impact educational experience.

Students report that their research has benefited them in many ways such as:

  • Improved research and problem-solving skills
  • Enhanced information literacy
  • Increased proficiency in oral and written communication
  • Elevated personal development, including self-confidence and a tolerance for obstacles
  • Informed professional development skills, such as working effectively with mentors, peers, and on teams

Research 101 Workshops

The URCC Research 101 workshops can help you learn more about how to get involved in research and creative projects at Brandeis. Led by Margaret Lynch, Director of Undergraduate-Faculty Research Partnerships, you'll learn how to:
  • get involved and when to start
  • identify your interests
  • search for research opportunities
  • reach out to potential faculty mentors
  • apply for funding
  • present and share your research or creative project
  • get support and advice at all steps in the process

Sign-ups for Research 101 workshops for Fall 2023 have now closed. For research guidance, contact one of our Undergraduate Peer Research Mentors.

Research Advice from Brandeis Undergraduates

Brandeis undergraduates who have participated in undergraduates research share their thoughts and opinions and address frequently asked questions, in this series of video interviews.

Student Spotlight

Haley Brown
While members of the Brandeis community were likely anticipating challenges with maintaining campus connections at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Haley Brown ’22 has spent the last year conducting research with field-leading faculty members and gaining essential experience in her fields of study. 

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