Excused Absences/ Excused Incompletes

Sometimes a situation arises that prevents a student from completing a final assignment or taking a final exam at the scheduled time.  During these situations, the university is prepared to work with both the student and faculty to facilitate a conversation about whether receiving an excused absence (EA) and/or excused incomplete (EI) may be appropriate. Typically, a student would receive an EA or an EI only for emergency or medical reasons.  An EA and/or EI is not given because of conflicts in travel plans or reasons related to a lack of appropriate planning for the finals period. 

Students in good academic standing are eligible to request an EA and/or EI.  It is a contract that is agreed upon by both the student and instructor at the end of the semester in the event that the student is not able to complete the final exam or submit the final paper/project on the pre-assigned date. To be given an EA and/or an EI, the student must meet with his or her Class Advisor in the Office of Academic Services.

An EA indicates that the student has completed the required coursework during the semester, but is not able to take the final exam on the scheduled date.  The student would agree to take the exam during the conflict resolution period or during the make up exam period at the start of the next semester. 

An EI indicates that the student has completed the required coursework during the semester, but the final paper or project cannot be submitted by the scheduled date.  An EI is a written agreement between the student and instructor granting an extension beyond the end of the semester.  The due date should be mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor, but should not extend past the Office of the Registrar’s published deadline in the academic calendar. 

An EA or EI notation serves as a temporary place holder until the work has been completed by the agreed-upon course of action.  The instructor will then issue a grade change to the Office of the Registrar's. Any work that is not completed by the published deadline date will be replaced with an E denoting that the student has failed the course.

To arrange an EA or EI, the student is encouraged to meet with his/her instructor to request an incomplete.  The student is also encouraged to meet with his/her advisor to help facilitate the conversation with the faculty member.  For an EA or an EI to be granted, the instructor must agree on the extension, and the student must meet with both the instructor and the advisor to fill out the appropriate contract together.