Videos of Panel Discussions

2019-20 Academic Year

a triangle with embedded with national symbol of the eagle atop a screened-back image of a W.E.B. DuBois infographic.

Identity Matters: Academic Inquiry and Truth (1:04.55)

two triangles with embedded images referencing theatre, issues of representation, and topography atop a screened-back image of Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon.

Don't Believe Everything You Think: Perspectives on Truth From Psychological Science (1:02.23)

two geometric shapes with embedded with orange, red and blue images, set atop pencil illustrations of roman statuary.

Fiddling While Rome Burns: Understanding Humankind's Response to Climate Threat (59:58)

collage comprising poem by Emily Dickenson, The Treachery of Images by Magritte, a photo series by Muybridge, and a cellular image.

Truth, or Your Truth? A Scientist and a Humanist on Facts, Data and Evidence (57:40)