Strengthening the Undergraduate Learning Experience

Undergraduate departmental representatives are peer advisers who have been selected for leadership positions with the aim of strengthening the undergraduate learning experience and community within their academic departments and programs.

Specifically, UDRs:

  • Organize meetings with students and/or group informational sessions on topics related to their program (outside speakers, alumni/career panels, internships, research opportunities).
  • Disseminate information on current department/program events, activities and other relevant happenings.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the department/program at university-wide events such as Admitted Students Day and the Academic Fair.

Each of the School of Arts and Sciences' majors and minors has at least one UDR. Candidates are chosen each spring through a competitive process for the following academic year.

Who is my UDR?

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What does a UDR do?

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