Videos of Panel Discussions

2020-21 Academic Year

Collage featuring a map of Antarctica, a close-up of a hot pink neon sign and a 19th-century optical eye exam diagram.

Identity as an Engine for Poetry (1:02.52)

Collage featuring an 18th-century engraving of the Tower of Babel, a close-up of a 19th-century anatomical diagram of the throat while speaking, an ancient Assyrian tablet with cuneiform writing and an overlay of various sections of data source code

Language and Identity in the Digital Age (57:16)

Collage featuring images from recent Jews for Black Lives and Jews of Color Caucus demonstrations. Also includes detail from a 1947 Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order of the I.W.O. flyer courtesy of the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives. Background image “Lo Tirtzach/Thou Shalt Not Murder,” 2016, by Rachel Stone.

Black and Jewish Identities: Visions of Freedom (1:06:42)

Collage featuring the score to “Tom Tom,” 1932, by Shirley Graham du Bois, courtesy of the Schlesinger Library, Harvard University. “PS752,” 2020, archival pigment print by Sheida Soleimani. “Barbecue: Study Guide” publication cover, 2016, courtesy of Geffen Playhouse. Also includes images of Josephine Baker and a detail of Nina Simone's hands. Background image from the 2019 Brandeis Theater production of The Bacchae. Photo by Mike Lovett.

Art and the Politics of Representation (1:22)