Undergraduate Departmental Representatives Program

Participating in Faculty Searches

UDRs are encouraged to reach out to their departments/programs to inquire about participating in faculty searches. Your division's Lead UDR will contact you if there is an active search in your department/program.

If your department/program is conducting a faculty search, please contact, via e-mail, the department/program academic administrator, with copies to the chair and undergraduate advising head about possible opportunities for UDRs and undergraduates to be involved in the search.

Ways in which UDRs and undergraduates can participate in faculty searches (all arranged through the department/program) are to:

  • Attend job talks.
  • Meet with candidates and then provide feedback about the candidate to the department/program.
  • Participate in a tour of campus with candidates.

During interactions with faculty candidates, please remember that you are representing the student perspective.