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2020-2021 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
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Spring 2021 Courses


CLAS 115B: Topics in Greek and Roman History - The Fall of the Roman Republic: Resistance, Integration, and Empire with Dr. Cheryl WalkerCourse Flyer for CLAS 115A

CLAS 144B: Archaeological Ethics, Law and Cultural Heritage with Dr. Alexandra RatzlaffCourse Fler for CLAS 144B

CLAS 145B: Topics in Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology - The Art and Archaeology of Greece, Egypt, and the Levant with Dr. Alexandra RatzlaffCourse Flyer for CLAS 145B

CLAS 155A: Mummies, Myths, and Monuments of Ancient Egypt with Dr. Darlene Brooks HedstromCourse Flyer for CLAS 155A

CLAS 170A: Classical Mythology with Dr. Matthew NewmanCourse Flyer for CLAS 170A