Current Graduate Students

Photograph of Nicole Constantine
Nicole Constantine
Other Degree(s): Loyola University Chicago 2016, B.A. in history and B.S. in anthropology. University of Haifa 2018, MA in maritime civilizations.
Research Interests: Coastal and maritime archaeology; Mediterranean maritime networks; Hellenistic and early Roman ceramics; digital humanities 
Photograph of Kathleen Dailey
Kathleen Dailey
Other Degree(s): Penn State University, 2016:  B.A. in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Research Interests: Ancient religion and mythology, Greek drama, and Greek and Roman culture

Personal Interests: Reading, musicals, 90s Disney movies, playing with my cat, and equestrian sports

Julia Greig

Other Degree(s): Bryn Mawr College, BA, Philosophy

 Research Interests: Philosophy of Death,  Hellenistic Philosophy, Lucretius, Epicurus, Continental Philosophy 

Photograph of Michael Hall
Michael Hall

Other Degree(s):  Oklahoma State University 2017, major in History with minors in Geography and Anthropology

Research Interests:  Greek archaeology, ritual and death, and trade relations between Greece and the Near East

Personal Interests:  Movies, TV shows, reading, and traveling

Photograph of Michelle Heeman
Michelle Heeman
Other Degree(s): The College at Brockport, State University of New York 2018, B.S. in Anthropology and History

Research Interests: cultural hybridity in the Roman Near East; modern and ancient imperialist thought; conflict heritage & heritage site development

Personal Interests: Dogs, hiking, biking, and water channel spelunking

Photograph of Claire Khokhar
Claire Khokhar

Other Degree(s): University of Memphis 2019, BA, History and Classics 

Research Interests: Roman Daily Life, Pompeii Wall Paintings, Women and Gender Construction in Greek/Latin Art and Text 
Personal Interests: making music, traveling, photography, learning new languages, cooking 
Photograph of Michael Lundberg
Michael Lundberg

Other Degree(s): Longwood University 2017, BA in Anthropology

Research Interests: Roman archaeology and history; Roman military history; Ancient Mediterranean trade and cultural exchange

Personal Interests: Basketball, food, travel, video games, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Wizards, exploring the great outdoors, becoming Caesar of the world

Photograph of Jennifer Marks
Jennifer Marks

Other Degree(s): Tufts University, 2010: MA certificate in Museum Studies (Classical Archaeology concentration); Boston University School of Public Health, 2004: MPH in International Health; Beloit College, 2001: BA in Anthropology and Classical Civilization

Research Interests:  Bronze Age Aegean, Minoan craft production, trade networks in antiquity, archaeology of ancient harbors, material culture, ethnoarchaeology, archaeological materials science, and museum curation

Personal Interests: Exploring southern Italy and the Aegean islands, visiting museums, going to the beach, ballet, spending time with my family, and eating anything sweet 

Photograph of Elizabeth Randolph
Elizabeth Randolph

Other Degree(s): BA in Art History and Archaeology, BA in Latin, and a minor in History. University of Missouri, 2015. 

Research Interests: Archaeology of Ancient Rome and Etruria, their mythology, religion, and sculpture. 

Personal Interests: enjoy exploring the city, visiting museums, going to amusement parks, reading, drinking coffee and spending time with friends.

Alexa Rose
Photograph of Rachel Yore
Rachel Yore
Other Degree(s): Lasell College, 2018; Major in History; Minor in American Studies

Research Interests: Greek and Roman archaeology, the Greek Dark Ages, mythology, Pompeii, and ancient medical practices

Personal Interests: Reading, writing, traveling, going to the beach, and coin collecting