Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies

2018-19 Greater Denver Jewish Community Study

Janet Krasner Aronson, Matthew A. Brookner, Eliana Chapman, Daniel Mangoubi, Harry Aaronson, Matthew Feinberg, Matthew Boxer, Leonard Saxe

January 2020

Denver report coverThe 2018-19 Greater Denver Area Jewish Community Study employed innovative state-of-the-art methods to create a comprehensive portrait of the characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of present-day Greater Denver Jewry. The study focuses on the Jewish community in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties.

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Among the Findings

  • The Greater Denver Area Jewish community includes an estimated 90,800 Jewish individuals residing in 51,100 households. Jewish households contain 134,900 individuals and include both Jewish and non-Jewish adults and children.

  • The largest shares of Greater Denver Jewish households reside in Denver (29%) and Boulder (26%).

  • Nearly half (46%) of Jewish adults do not identify with a specific Jewish denomination.

  • Four-in-five Jewish adults are married or have a partner with whom they live. Among these married or partnered Jewish adults, 59% have a non-Jewish spouse or partner.

  • Fifty-seven percent of children in Jewish households are being raised exclusively Jewish, either by religion (26%) or culturally Jewish (31%). Another 13% are being raised Jewish and another religion.

  • Sixteen percent of households include a dues-paying synagogue member. Twenty percent of Jewish adults live in a household in which someone is a dues-paying synagogue member. However, 61% of Jewish adults attended a program or event at a synagogue in the past year.

  • Three-in-four Jewish adults in Greater Denver marked Shabbat or a holiday in some way in the last year; 70% attended a Seder.

  • Over half (55%) of Jewish adults have been to Israel.

  • Eight-in-ten Jewish adults feel that caring about Israel is important to being Jewish, including 33% who feel it is essential to being Jewish.

  • Nearly half of Jewish households donated to a Jewish charity in the past year.

Index of Jewish Engagement

Denver index of Jewish engagement