2021 Kansas City Jewish Community Study

Matthew  Boxer, Matthew A. Brookner, Matthew Feinberg, Raquel Magidin de Kramer, Daniel Mangoubi, Adam Martin, Daniel Nussbaum, Ellie Pasternack, Zachary Seeskin, David Dutwin, Janet Krasner Aronson,  & Leonard Saxe

March 2022

Kansas City report cover

The 2021 Greater Kansas City Jewish Community Study is the first in-depth examination of the size and characteristics of the Jewish community in the Kansas City-area since 1985. The study provides a comprehensive portrait of the community's 22,100 Jews; their families; their Jewish attitudes, behaviors, and affiliations; their health and financial welfare; and other measures of their engagement in Jewish life. Findings should help the Greater Kansas City Jewish community make critical decisions about the next decade of Jewish life in the region.

Among the findings:

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