Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies

Ezra and Springboard Alumni Report Fall 2021: Evaluation of Hillel International’s Springboard Fellowship

Nicole Samuel with Micha Rieser and Benita Danzing

August 2022

Springboard report cover

The Springboard Fellowship is the largest early career incubator in the Jewish community. More than 240 professionals have participated in Springboard's six cohorts since the Fellowship began in 2016. This report presents the results of the annual study of Springboard and Ezra Fellowship alumni. The annual surveys are an opportunity for understanding the long-term impact of the programs on professional development and decisions around career and leadership.

The surveys, fielded in fall 2021, included questions on employment and graduate studies, future career interests, and Jewish life and leadership. Also included were questions on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on professional decisions. Just as the world has changed since the research began in 2018, much has also changed for the Springboard program. The alumni data show the impact of the changes and the potential for program growth.