Ezra and Springboard Alumni Report, Fall 2020: Evaluation of Hillel International’s Springboard Fellowship

Nicole Samuel with Micha Rieser and Rebecca Rose

June 2021

Springboard report coverThe Springboard Fellowship is Hillel International’s flagship program for early career professionals. Springboard was preceded by the Ezra Fellowship for early career Jewish educators, and the two programs merged in 2018. This report presents a portrait of Ezra and Springboard alumni, who represent different lengths of time post fellowship, ranging from four months to eight years. The surveys conducted in fall 2020 asked alumni about employment and graduate studies, work history and career advancement, post-fellowship connections and activities, and current leadership positions. The analysis centers on the following questions: What is the rate of return to employment in Hillel or the Jewish community after Ezra or Springboard? How are alumni engaging in the Jewish life outside of professional opportunities, if at all? To what extent does Springboard influence work and life decisions? Does participation in an incubator program like Springboard make a significant difference and, if so, where and how?

Key Findings