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Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble is a 50-member group that performs a wide variety of music. The ensemble performs two or three concerts each year and is conducted by Tom Souza. Membership is open to the Brandeis and surrounding communities.

The Brandeis Wind Ensemble has hosted musical groups from the surrounding areas. In 2007, the ensemble welcomed the Waltham High School Percussion Ensemble to take part in a performance of Robert W. Smith's Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual. In 2008, the North Middlesex Regional High School Wind Ensemble under the direction of Jason Bielik shared the stage at Brandeis's Slosberg Music Center.


The Wind Ensemble holds placement auditions for fall and spring semester. Fall auditions will take place Tuesday, 9/5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Slosberg Recital Hall. This is how it works: if you are happy where you are, then you do not need to audition. However, I do reserve the right to adjust your seat to keep the sections balanced. If you would like to try and move up, then come prepared to play.

Please prepare a short piece (for example an etude, excerpt from a larger work, parts of a sonata or concerto etc). Choose a piece which best shows your ability; a fast piece and a slow piece is preferred. If you are in the ensemble and audition to move up and are not successful, you won't lose seating.

Members who are new to the group (freshmen and current students) will be required to audition for seating placement.

For more information, contact Tom Souza.