Executive Committee

Alice A. Kelikian
Alice A. Kelikian
Department Chair and Undergraduate Advising Head
Associate Professor of History
781-736-2276 Olin-Sang American Civilization Center, 219

Expertise: Modern European history, social history, Italian cinema and culture

Ulka Anjaria portrait
Ulka Anjaria
Professor of English
781-736-2162 Rabb Graduate Center 239
Expertise: South Asian literatures and film; postcolonial literature and theory; the global novel; interdisciplinary approaches; literary theory.
Photo of Gannit Ankori
Gannit Ankori
Professor of Fine Arts and Director of the Rose Art Museum
781-736-7254 Mandel Center for the Humanities, 312

Expertise: Gannit Ankori has published and lectured extensively about modern and contemporary art from a global perspective, with emphasis on issues pertaining to gender, nationalism, identity, religion, trauma, exile, hybridity and their manifestations in the creative arts. Her geographical regions of expertise, include the Middle East and Mexico.

Patricia Alvarez Astacio
Patricia Alvarez Astacio
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
781-736-3222 Brown Social Science Center, 204
Expertise: Visual anthropology, documentary/ethnographic filmmaking, Latin America, indigeneity, capitalism, the senses
Photo of Yuri Doolan
Yuri Doolan
Assistant Professor of History and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
781-736-2350 Olin-Sang American Civilization Center, 216

ExpertiseAsian American studies, transnational U.S. history, modern Korea, women’s history, gender and sexuality, oral history, critical mixed race studies

Tory Fair
Tory Fair
Associate Professor of Sculpture
Undergraduate Advising Head for Studio Art
781-736-2676 Goldman-Schwartz Art Studios, 107

Expertise: Sculpture

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Tim Hickey
Tim Hickey
Professor of Computer Science
781-736-2706 Volen National Center for Complex Systems, 138
Expertise: Educational Technology, Computer Science Education, Brain Computer Interfaces, 3D Game Design, Interval Arithmetic, Scientific Visualization, Computer Supported Learning, Groupware and Collaborative Editing, Constraint Logic Programming
Paul Morrison
Paul Morrison
Professor of English
781-736-2147 Rabb 233

Expertise: Modernism, literary criticism and theory, cultural studies, film studies

Fernando Rosenberg
Fernando Rosenberg
Professor of Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature
781-736-3209 Shiffman Humanities Center, 109

Expertise: modern and contemporary Latin American literatures and cultures; comparative literature, film and visual culture