The following courses are approved for the program. Not all are given in any one year. Please consult the Schedule of Classes each semester.

Course # Course Name Instructor
AMST 35a Hollywood and American Culture Doherty
AMST 36b Television and American Culture Doherty
AMST 129a From American Movie Musicals to Music Videos Mandrell
AMST 131b News on Screen Doherty
AMST 136a Planet Hollywood Doherty
AMST/MUS 55a Music in Film Musegades
ANTH 26a Communication and Media McIntosh
ANTH 130a Filming Culture: Ethnographic and Documentary Alvarez Astacio
COML/ENG 70b Environmental Film, Environmental Justice Irr
ENG 27b Classic Hollywood Cinema Morrison
ENG 30b American Film Auteurs of the 1970s Irr
ENG 61b Philosophical Approaches to Film Theory Flesch
ENG 70a The Birth of the Movies Staff
ENG 128a Race and US Cinema Morrison
ENG 147a Film Noir Flesch
ENG 177a Hitchcock’s Movies Morrison
ENG 180b Romantic Comedy/Matrimonial Tragedy Sherman
FA 8a Intro to Video Art Staff
NEJS 182a Jewish Life in Film and Fiction Fishman
THA 155a Icons of Masculinity Holmberg

Courses in Non-American Cinema

Course # Course Name Instructor
AAAS 102a African Cinema Staff
AAPI/WGS 137b Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene Doolan
CHIN 130b China on Film Wang
ENG 20a Bollywood Anjaria
ENG 170a The Globalization of Nollywood Diouf
FREN 141b Intro to French Cinema Voiret
GER 103a German Culture through Film Von Mering
HBRW 170a Hebrew through Israeli Cinema Staff
HISP 162b New Latin American Cinema Rosenberg
HISP 192b Latin American Global Film Rosenberg
HISP 193b Topics in Cinema Staff
HIST 131a Hitler's Europe in Film Kelikian
HIST 170a Italian Films, Italian Histories Kelikian
IGS 160a Asian Gangsters: Contemporary Crime Cinema Singh
JAPN 135a Screening National Images: Japanese Film and Anime in Global Context Fraleigh
RECS 150a Russian and Soviet Cinema Powelstock
RECS 152a Russian Science Fiction Powelstock
SAS 130a Film and Fiction of Crisis Singh
SAS 150b Love, Sex, and Country: Films from India Singh

Courses in Creative Aspects of Film Production

Course # Course Name Frequency Instructor
COSI 65a Introduction to 3-D Animation Usually offered every third year Hickey
ENG 67a Art of the Screenplay Usually offered every year Weinberg
ENG 79a Directed Writing: Beginning Screenplay Usually offered every third year Weinberg
ENG 129b Understanding the Screenplay: A Workshop Usually offered every fourth year Coroniti or Weinberg
ENG 139b Intermediate Screenwriting Usually offered every second year Weinberg
FILM 110a Film Production I Usually offered every year Weinberg
FILM 110b Motion Picture Editing Usually offered every year Staff
MUS 107a Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music Usually offered every second year Chasalow
THA 50b Sound for Theater, Film and Television Usually offered every second year Wilson
THA 52b Fundamentals of Lighting Usually offered every year Staff
THA 125a Acting for the Camera Usually offered two consecutive second years with a third-year hiatus Doyle