Screening: "Fill the Void"

December 4, 2014

With Yiftach Klein, lead actor

The Decent One Poster
Screening: "The Decent One"

November 6, 2014

With Vanessa Lapa, director

Screening: "Exit Zero"

March 31, 2014

With Christine Walley, director

Interweaving home movies, found footage, and first-person narrative, this work-in-progress documentary traces the stories of multiple generations of producer Christine Walley's family in the once-thriving steel mill community of Southeast Chicago. Visit the Exit Zero Project website.

Six Million and One Poster
Screening: "Six Million and One"

January 30, 2014

With David Fisher, filmmaker


Unknown Known Poster
Screening: "The Unknown Known"

December 4, 2013

With Erroll Morris, filmmaker

Inside Llewyn Davis Poster
Screening: "Inside Llewyn Davis"

November 7, 2013

With Oscar Isaac, actor

Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, "Inside Llewyn Davis" follows a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.

Screening: "The Act of Killing"

October 6, 2013

With Joshua Oppenheimer, filmmaker

The "Act of Killing" follows the story of Anwar Congo from small-time gangster to founding father of Indonesia's most powerful right-wing paramilitary organization. This film is about killers who have won and the sort of society they have built. Unlike ageing Nazis or Rwandan génocidaires, Anwar and his friends have not been forced to admit they participated in crimes against humanity. Visit the film's website.

Juche Strong Poster
Screening: "Juche Strong"

October 3, 2013

With Rob Montz, filmmaker

"Juche Strong" explores the most pernicious misconceptions of North Korea and argues that the propaganda-fueled national ideology has played an integral role in keeping the country together. Visit the film's website.

Screening: "Letters to Jackie"

April 29, 2013

With Bill Couterie, director, and Ellen Fitzpatrick, historian

"Letters to Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy," directed by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Bill Couterie, revisits the months following Kennedy's assassination.

Sponsored by the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program, the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fund and the Department of History

Screening: "The Kings of Summer"

April 25, 2013

View the trailer

Sponsored by the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program, the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fund and the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

Screening: "The American Jewish Story Through Cinema"

April 18, 2013

With Eric Goldman

A multimedia discussion followed by a book signing with Eric Goldman, Yeshiva University and The Jewish Theological Seminary

Sponsored by the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fund, the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program and the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Screening: "Anita: Speaking Truth to Power"

April 17, 2013

With Frieda Mock, filmmaker, and Professor Anita Hill.  Directed by Academy Award winner Frieda Mock.

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Program in Film, Television and Interactive Media.

Screening: "The Convenient Job"

April 10, 2013

With Looch Gelfand, Rob Robbins and Ethan Stein '15, filmmakers

The Convenient Job is about three wannabe film students who plan on making a movie about students robbing a convenience store. When they can't raise adequate funds for their movie, they decide to actually rob a convenience store themselves and catch it all on tape. Let's just say that chaos ensues!

Screening: "In the Birch Grove"

March 20, 2013

Filmmaker Dr. Alan Marcus (King's College, University of Aberdeen) participated in a Q&A following this special screening.

Sponsored by the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program and the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fund

Screening: "Hamilton's Pharmacopeia"

February 14, 2013

With Hamilton Morris, filmmaker

Sponsored by the Film, Television and Interactive Media Program and the Edie and Lew Wasserman Fund


Screening: "Portrait of Wally"

December 5, 2012

Journalist, critic and producer David D’Arcy spoke about the myths that have arisen around many still-unsolved Nazi art crimes. D’Arcy also discussed the documentary that he produced, "Portrait of Wally," which is an investigation into a 1912 painting by Egon Schiele. Schiele’s portrait of his model and mistress, which a Nazi seized from a Jewish art dealer in 1939, turned up on loan at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Law in These Parts Poster
Screening: "The Law in These Parts"

November 12, 2012

With Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, director

"The Law In These Parts" follows the military lawyers and judges charged with developing and administering a legal system created ad hoc and from scratch in the West Bank and Gaza Strip following Israel's victory in the 1967 war. Named best documentary at the 2011 Jerusalem Film Festival and awarded the World Cinema Jury Prize in the documentary category at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, writer-director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz's film raises provocative and timely questions about the fate of democracy and the rule of law under the conditions of long-term military occupation and rule.

Screening: "Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry"

November 1, 2012

With Alison Klayman, director

"Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry" is the inside story of a dissident for the digital age who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics. First-time director Alison Klayman gained unprecedented access to Ai while working as a journalist in China. Her detailed portrait provides a nuanced exploration of contemporary China and one of its most compelling public figures.

Screening: "Cloud Atlas"

October 23, 2012

From acclaimed filmmakers Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, and Andy Wachowski comes the powerful and inspiring epic "Cloud Atlas," based on the best-selling novel by David Mitchell. Drama, mystery, action and enduring love thread through a single story that unfolds in multiple timelines over the span of 500 years. Characters meet and reunite from one life to the next, born and reborn. As the consequences of their actions and choices impact one another through the past, the present and the distant future, one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution. Everything is connected.

Screening: "Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey"

October 17, 2012

With Abby Ginzberg, director

Learn about a federal judge who is changing prisons throughout California and began his career as the first Black attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Two women speak to each other in "See You Soon Again"
Screening: "See You Soon Again"

October 4, 2012

With Bernadette Wegenstein, director

"See You Soon Again" is not a Holocaust film. It is a documentary film about how hard it is to tell a story of unspeakable suffering and how impossible it is not to. At a prickly ninety years old, Leo Bretholz has a choice. He can continue to tell his story in the Baltimore schools, as he has over twenty-five hundred times since escaping a train bound for Auschwitz, or he can give in to his Holocaust fatigue.

Screening: "Orchestra of Exiles"

September 20, 2012

With Josh Aronson, director

"Orchestra of Exiles" tells the story of Bronislaw Huberman, a Polish Jewish violinist, who fled Nazi Europe and brought together some of the most talented musicians from that war-torn continent to form an unlikely orchestra in the middle of the desert of Palestine—an orchestra that would ultimately become the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


Screening: "The Reconstruction of Asa Carter"

November 13, 2011

With Douglas Newman ’94 and Laura Browder, PhD’94, filmmakers

Newman and Browder returned to Brandeis for a screening of their documentary and a Q&A with attendees. The hour-long documentary explores the life and legacy of the best-selling author of "The Outlaw Josey Wales" and "The Education of Little Tree."

Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you Poster
Screening: "Mom & Dad: I Have Something to Tell You"

November 7, 2011

Azar discussed his film, which was screened as part of the Boston LGBT Film Festival. The movie tells of the journey that parents go through after their children tell them that they are gay.

Screening: "Hairspray"

October 23, 2011

With Nikki Blonsky, actress

Blonsky, who grew up in Great Neck, NY, spoke about her role as Tracy Turnblad in "Hairspray," the celebrated play that has been made into a movie. Among the questions she answered: "What was it like to kiss Zac Efron?"

Straw Dogs Poster
Screening: "Straw Dogs"

September 8, 2011

With Rod Lurie, director

Lurie visited campus for a pre-release screening of the remake of the Sam Peckinpah classic. Along with directing, Lurie produced and wrote "Straw Dogs," which is based on the Gordon Williams novel "The Siege of Trencher’s Farm." The movie stars James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard, James Woods, Dominic Purcell, Willa Holland, Walton Goggins, Rhys Coiro and Laz Alsonso.

May 2, 2011

With Debra Granik '85, Oscar-nominated director

The movie, which Granik directed and co-wrote, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Motion Picture of 2010. "Winter's Bone" tells the story of a teenage girl (Jennifer Lawrence, who was nominated for an Oscar in the lead actress category) struggling to survive in the drug-infested Ozark Mountains while searching for her missing father.