Clubs and Organizations

members of bangladesh students association poses for group photo

A gathering of the Brandeis Bangladesh Students Association.

Student clubs and organizations are a vital part of the Brandeis graduate experience. They provide the opportunity to pursue your distinct academic and social interests; meet and network with like-minded classmates; hone your leadership skills; engage in community and university service; and, best of all, take a well-deserved break from your studies.

A list of current clubs and organizations follows. You may also petition to form your own club.

General Clubs and Organizations

Club/Organization Mission Contact

Asian Baptist Student Koinonia

Christian fellowship with an Asian focus.

Ziqi Zheng
Black Graduate Student Association Promotes the academic, social and professional development of black graduate students. BGSA E-Mail
Brandeis Bangladesh Students Association Raises awareness of and supports Bangladesh and Bangladeshi students. Sultan Mohammed Zakaria Mazumder
Brandeis Graduate Christian Fellowship

Campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities.

Yi He
Brandeis Network of Arab Students  "BNAS"
Celebrate Arab identity; promoting an understanding of Arab history, culture, and heritage at Brandeis University.
Mariam Serag 
Brandeis Queer Graduate Student Union Builds community among Brandeis' LGBTQ+ graduate student population. Michael Kelley
Brandeis University Africa Forum Raises awareness of the challenges facing modern Africa. Aissatou Diallo
Career Development for the Sciences Exposes graduate students in science to career options and trajectories.

CDS E-Mail

Fulbright Brandeis University Chapter Promotes events and other activities of Fulbright grantees at Brandeis.

Francis Hwang

Graduate Science Student Club Foster a strong community within the science graduate programs at Brandeis University. Felix Zhou
Heller PhD Student Association
Promotes the academic, social and professional development of Heller doctoral students.

Yaminette Diaz-Linhart

Neurohack Builds awareness among graduate students for neurotechnology.

Shen Wang

Science Policy Initiative Provides on-campus opportunities for education in science policy through seminars and activities.

Julie Klaric

Sin Fronteras
Promotes the academic, social and professional development of Brandeis' Latinx community.

Catherine Ramirez Mejia

Soccer 4 Sciences
Foster a sense of community, athleticism, and friendly competition within the different science departments. While the focus is on the sciences, we encourage all to join. 

Mohamed Adel


Program-Specific Clubs and Organizations

Brandeis International Business School

Heller School for Social Policy and Management