Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program

Careers, Graduate and Professional School, and Alumni

Professor Thuy Lam

Professor Thuy Lam

HSSP graduates pursue a range of career paths. Upon graduating, many HSSP students take different health-related routes:

  • Enter graduate and professional schools for health‐related professions and occupations, including medicine, nursing, medical social work, podiatry, physical therapy, and others.
  • Seek careers in public health and public policy related to health and health care, often ultimately pursuing further education in public health, law, government, business, and public policy.
  • Embark on careers in health‐oriented research, often beginning with entry-level positions and sometimes seeking advanced academic degrees.
  • Work in health‐related domestic or international public sector agencies or NGOs, or become involved with health-services or health-advocacy organizations, both domestic and international.

To learn more about career options as well as internship options, check out the Hiatt Career Center’s resources, and start to network by talking to your professors, our UDRs, and, of course, Brandeis alumni.